Your Vote Counts - Tomorrow is Election Day

Tomorrow is Election Day 2020-Let’s Unite

Tomorrow is Election Day, 2020. Although it feels like election day started weeks ago with early voting. I have never been so politically involved or motivated to Vote!

My first voting experience was on November 2, 1976. My boyfriend, and now my husband, Mitch, encouraged all my apolitical girlfriends and me to register and vote.  We were students at the University of Miami   (the sunny one, not the Ohio School).  My priorities at the time were fun, food, festivities, and friends.

University of Miami Graduation 1979
Graduation from University of Miami, 1976

Voting in 1976

Mitch took us to the voting booth – things were so much easier then.  I am not sure how or if we registered.  I was a New York State resident, yet I voted in Miami, Florida? All of that is a blur (perhaps from too many festivities). But the act of voting is a memory I will never forget.

I voted for Jimmy Carter, a Democrat from Georgia, and he won the election over  Gerald Ford, the incumbent from Michigan. I’m going to confess that I probably voted for Carter because of Mitch.

As I said, I was apolitical and didn’t pay attention to politics; it was boring!

Fast-forward 44 years, and it’s impossible not to pay attention.  My phone repeatedly reminds me of “Breaking Political News” when it does not remind me of “Breaking Coronavirus News.”  My emails are screaming at me to vote and pay attention.

My TV is not only yelling at me, but it is scrolling additional news on the screen’s bottom. 

One would need to be wholly quarantined, off the grid, to avoid the bombardment of information.  Feeling overwhelmed by the latest word yet, like another piece of chocolate or glass of wine, I tune in just for a bit more. I can’t stop myself.

Mitch and I voted through absentee voting because we knew we would be out of town before the election and quarantining the day of the election.  In 2020, I was aware, motivated, and determined to get my vote recorded.

What Will Happen on Wednesday

I worry about Wednesday; I keep hearing far-fetched (or maybe not?) stories of the Civil War.  How do you have a Civil War when your opponent could be living next door or, even worse, sharing your bed? Fortunately, Mitch and I are on the same page.

I have some close friends who I love and who are not on my political page.  We have managed to survive the past four years by focusing on why we are friends and avoiding political chatter.  We try to convince the other to join our team but stop before it goes too far.

I plan to continue to do this on Wednesday, regardless of who wins.  I encourage you to vote and remain calm. Coronavirus has taken away so much from us, do not let the election add to the suffering.

Election Day, 2020. My hope for our nation is peace, health, and finding a way to Unite.  We are the United States of America. Let us act like it.

Yes, I want more !

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Election Day 2020-Let’s Unite

  1. Lisa Bloch Rodwin

    I also voted first in 1976. I am more frightened for future than I ever have in my own life but I still feel that people have a basic goodness inside them and I hope that a new president will be able to build upon that. Thank you for your words and thoughts. Lisa


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