What I Discovered After 7-Months of Hypocritical Covid-19 Rules

Does Everyone have their own Covid-19 Rules? 7-months gives me time to reflect on our the new normal rules. https://vickierubin.com/blog/

Camper Envy Continued: The Answer to That Burning Camping Question

I am from Long Island, and camping was never in my vernacular. If there was ONE big reason why I didn’t want to join my husband Mitch on this retirement odyssey, it was the lack of facilities


We have a family of dysfunctional birds by our front door. Our home has a 20-25-foot covered entry, which includes a window over the front door. One day I looked up and noticed a sophisticated nest attached to the wall. I say “sophisticated” because it is not on a ledge, not on a limb, notContinue reading “BYE BYE BIRDIES”

No Longer 50 Shades of Grey

One of my first blogs “A Bad Hair Day has a New Definition” was about NOT coloring my hair during the Pandemic. Now that three months have passed, I thought I would give an update. I cried “Uncle”! I gave up! Vanity overcame Virus! I went to the salon.

Why Mitch’s New Hearing Aids Cured My Mumbling!

I am not sure why Mitch resisted hearing aids.  Those closest to him have  encouraged Mitch to consider purchasing this much needed support. A typical conversation between Mitch and me would go something like this:  “Mitch, did you hear what is going on in Erie County today?”  Followed by, “Mitch, did you hear me?”  Mitch’sContinue reading “Why Mitch’s New Hearing Aids Cured My Mumbling!”

I ‘m Not Really a Control Freak BUT Can I Show You How to Do That My Way?

As the meme says, as long as everyone does it my way, I’m totally flexible… Mitch brought in a sub the other day  and I said, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT SUB? YOU ARE HOLDING IT NEXT TO YOUR PHONE WHICH IS GOING NEXT TO YOUR FACE AND NOW YOU JUST PUT THE DIRTYContinue reading “I ‘m Not Really a Control Freak BUT Can I Show You How to Do That My Way?”

Have you Looked at Your Hands Recently?

Back in 70’s when Mitch and I started dating, he drew a picture of me.  His photo was pretty good, I was impressed. The details were there, hair and face looked familiar and perspective was good.  BUT, then I looked down at the hands and he drew reptiles!  Yes, I still married him four yearsContinue reading “Have you Looked at Your Hands Recently?”

“Hello, My Name is Vickie and I Just Bought a Pulse-Ox Finger Thingy”

  I used to be embarrassed about my purse buying.  Kind of like going to a support group and saying “Hi, my name is Vickie…and I just bought another designer purse.” Recently, my passion for shopping has taken a new direction. My husband Mitch and I have been isolating in a rural county of NewContinue reading ““Hello, My Name is Vickie and I Just Bought a Pulse-Ox Finger Thingy””

What’s So Funny? Laugh Meter

In 2005 my husband, Mitch, created a Laugh Meter to determine humor reactions; it’s based on a scale of 0.5-10. .” It took Mitch over 2 years of observation to finalize the rankings. When mitch doesn’t get my jokes I typically say, “you have no sense of humor.” He’s just not “laugh out loud” funny.Continue reading “What’s So Funny? Laugh Meter”

2020 Vision of CHANGE as Told by Self-described Germaphobe

As a kid, I had pneumonia several times. It was during the 1960’s and the pediatrician made house calls. House calls didn’t mean a phone call, it was literally the doctor coming to our house. The pediatrician, with his little black bag, would arrive and provide medical services and check-ups as my nervous mother paced the room.Continue reading “2020 Vision of CHANGE as Told by Self-described Germaphobe”

A Bad Hair Day has a New Definition

Victoria is 62 years old. She exercises regularly, tries to eat well and enjoys a glass or two (or three) of wine on occasion. She goes to the salon to get her hair colored every three weeks, she needed it every two weeks because once the grey root line started and spread it was visible butContinue reading “A Bad Hair Day has a New Definition”

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