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RV Trip Part Two, Fun Facts and a Surprise Ending

OK, now that we got all the repairs, hospital visits, and other nonsense from my last blog out of the way, I want to let you know about the good parts of the trip, Fun Facts and a surprise to both of us. Rocky Mountain High We drove through the twisty, turny Rocky Mountains to Grand […]

My First Pair of Fancy Shoes- Thanks, Mom

I know, I know, I have talked about purses in my blog. Yes, it’s shallow but still fun, right? However, I never spoke about My First Pair of Fancy Shoes. When my mom passed away in February 2020 my father and I had the hard task of going through all her clothes and belongings. And […]

Music Therapy Becomes A Love Language (My View Buffalo News)

Music is our daughter Jessica’s love language. She speaks it fluently. Jess is 41 years old, nonverbal, and has a rare genetic deletion (1Q 43-44). She lives in a group home with five other women who have become family. (Article in Today’s My View ) Jacob is Jessica’s music therapist and part of a local […]

Who’s (Really) the Boss? Distinct Roles in Marriage

A year has passed since we took our Winnebago EKKO RV (KanVan) for a spin across the northern plains of America. We are planning another trip, and I am exhausted from all the work. It’s not my work; I basically do nothing.
Distinct Roles in Marriage. Mitch navigates the roads across the country; I navigate the roads of services for Jess. Who’s the Boss?
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