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A few essays to give you a smile.


When Your Bosses are Very, Very Young

Counting the Days of Covid Captivity,

Greeting Rosh Hashana at a drive-in theater

  1. Daughter’s Departure will Bring Big Changes, The Buffalo News,
  2. 4/11/13: Dedicated Volunteers Making a Difference, The Buffalo News,
  3. 4/13/14: Book Club is Much More than a Monthly Meeting, The Buffalo News,
  4. 9/20/16: I’m Thrilled to Belong to Grandparents’ Club, The Buffalo News,
  5. 4/12/17 Love of Family Tops My Fear of Flying, The Buffalo News,
  6. Dogs Can Change Your Life Forever,  The Buffalo News,
  7. Lessons in Happiness from a Special Daughter– The Buffalo News
  8. 7-18-19 Diamonds are Forever – The Love of Baseball, The Buffalo News
  9. 9/21/18: After Selling the House it’s Goodbye to All That, The Buffalo News,
  10. 2/25/20 Diamond Ring Provides Treasured Memories, The Buffalo News
Kayaking with my dog Daniel when my biggest concern was sun exposure – pre- Coronavirus

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