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“Congratulations, Vickie and Jess, for continuing the journey in such a positive way and empowering families and the community at large with information, support, and mostly HOPE. Hope for a positive future and a quality of life that endures.”

-Mike R.

“Beautiful and heartwarming.”

-Phyllis S.

“Oh my gosh! What fun and how funny!”

-@parentingisfunny (Blogger)

“As usual, such a good story about life with your daughter!”


“It’s inspiring how much you helped with paving the way for Jess to have a meaningful educational experience.”

-Ab (Blogger)

“Family and tradition go hand and hand. What a wonderful story.”

-Donald Z.

“I love your humor no matter how serious the problem may be. “

-Velma Z.

“Love reading your blogs. Love your storytelling.”

-Sherri D.

“So relatable!”

-Cathy A.

“I loved this story. Thanks for the laugh and the smile.”


“Excellent post, gives the realities of RV life with love and lighthearted musings throughout!

-Lisa R.

“I choked on my coffee, laughing at this blog! Leaves us wanting more each time.”

-Leah M.

“Love this story of your dad, his dad, and your brother. Just perfect!”

-Shira G.

“Love this! OMG, you are so funny!”


“Love, love, love this!”

-Jeanne B.

“Absolutely love your blogs.”

-Susan Z.

“Love reading your blog, Vickie. “

-Darlene B.

“Always love reading your stories!”

-Steny S.

“I love your blogs. Thanks for sharing. “

-Kathy C.

“Another masterpiece! I just love Vickie’s Views.”

-Leah M.

“You always inspire me, Vickie with your love, faith and positive outlook. “

-Karen D.

“What a beautiful and touching story. I love the pictures! Keep writing- it is therapy. “


“What a beautiful and touching story. I love the pictures! Keep writing- it is therapy. “


“Thank you Vickie Schlanger Rubin for articulating what so many of us struggle to make sense of. I look to you every week for your inspirational blog to help me focus, focus, focus. You never fail me. Oh, how this amazing woman feeds my soul!”

-Leah M.

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