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A Positive Covid-19 Test Result on Our 41st Wedding Anniversary

As my Dad jokingly said, “even a hypochondriac can be right sometimes!” Yes, he was referring to me and my constant worrying. But this time, unfortunately, I was correct. The answers didn’t appear immediately; there were some twists and turns.

Finding the Right Fit, From Inclusion and Beyond: A New Day Program for Jessica

This is our daughter Jessica’s story and the narrative for many adults who require assistance with all daily living skills and have a severe intellectual disability. Typically, opportunities for Jess and her peers in adulthood confine them to self-contained classrooms, with most activities being exclusionary. Finding the right fit is a story of Jessica entering a new day program, new opportunity and a new chapter in her life.

Inclusion for Jess: After 21

After Jessica left school, her day program fell short on community and growth. I’m on a mission to find programs that let adults with disabilities shine. If you’re in the same boat, keep pushing for change.

Finally Seeing Our Daughter Jessica After 54 Days Apart

COVID kept us from seeing Jessica for 54 long days. When we finally laid eyes on each other—20 feet apart, mind you—it was pure magic. A huge shoutout to her group home for keeping her safe!

Brady’s Extraordinary Birth Story, as Told by Nana

Our daughter Carly, who has Von Willebrand Disease, a blood clotting disorder, gave birth to Brady. It was touch-and-go for a while, but she is a fighter. And let’s hear it for the doctors who jumped in to save the day!

Remembering Cantor Susan Wehle and the Passengers of Flight 3407

We lost Cantor Susan Wehle in the tragic Flight 3407 crash. She was more than a community member; she was an inspiration. This one’s for her and all the beautiful souls we lost that day.

Why Did We Say “Goodbye Truck Camper” and What’s Next?

Mitch and I ditched our truck camper for something bigger and better. Why? One word: bathroom. We’re still waiting for our new RV, but oh, the places we’ll go!

Nursing Jess & A Heart-to-Heart

Nursing Jessica was a struggle—she had a rare chromosome deletion and just couldn’t latch. But a NUK pacifier and a heart-to-heart changed everything. To all the moms out there struggling, you’re not alone!

Meet KanVan – Rolling with the Rubins

We upgraded from a truck camper to a Winnebago EKKO RV, which we named KanVan, a 24-foot beauty! We’re four trips in and loving every second. Buckle up because we’re taking you along for the ride!

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