We have a family of dysfunctional birds by our front door.

Our home has a 20-25-foot covered entry, which includes a window over the front door. One day I looked up and noticed a sophisticated nest attached to the wall. I say “sophisticated” because it is not on a ledge, not on a limb, not on an eve. The cemented nest appears to be suspended on the wall.

At first, I  was impressed with the architect’s ingenuity and thought it won’t be long until the babies move out and start their own bird life.

As the weeks went by, the droppings by our entryway exponentially  increased.

What kind of babies leave this amount of a mess! I decided to watch who was coming and going from this elevated home.

I discovered that these so called “babies” appear to be too old to live with their parents. What went wrong? Was the mother too clingy? Is nesting real estate too hard to find these days? Why won’t these unmotivated progenies move out?

I knew it was time to clean the front porch. I used a solvent and special wired brush designed for this purpose. Fortunately,  we have a good supply of masks and gloves. Yes, bird flu or some other nasty bird disease crossed my mind, so I wanted to proactive.

We currently have a black plastic bag in our entryway held down with four large rocks from the garden. It’s easier to throw away the bag covered in droppings than bring out the solvent and special wire brushes.

I am glad nobody is currently visiting our home except Amazon. The DIY bird depository is not a good look.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for mom and dad bird on how to get their kids out of the home! We may need to stage an intervention for them or possibly me!

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