Complex Covid Conversations

I have been thinking a lot about the different ways people adhere to the guidelines for Coronavirus. The best analogy I came up with is how I and other people adhere to Jewish laws.

Take Kosher, for example; some folks are Kosher no matter where they are while others are kosher in their house only. Others are kosher in their home and out of their house except when they eat Chinese food (then all dietary laws are forgotten). Some folks, like me, are not Kosher at all.

Some people go to Temple every Friday and Saturday, others go occasionally, and still, others only attend during the High Holidays (holiest days of the year).  

So, when I started looking at how people around me are following CDC guidelines, I found a similar scenario.

Some people do not leave the house while others are shopping every day.

Some people are wearing N95 masks, surgical masks, and cute homemade masks while others are wearing their cloth mask just below their nose or chin. Still, others refuse to wear a mask, no matter what the circumstances.

I know people who still sanitize their groceries and others whose groceries go from store to table to mouth. Same with mail – many are quarantining their mail for several days while in other homes, the letter goes from the mailbox to the kitchen counter without a handwash after contact.

There are folks who will grab take-out food curbside only, those who will venture inside to grab their food, and now there are some who will dine inside. And then you have the bar patrons who are standing side by side, no masks and enjoying libations.

Complex Conversations

And then there are the complicated conversations. We have a so-called pod of family people we see freely. That means we trust that each of these people is adhering to the guidelines, ok MY guidelines.

However, so many questions have come up. For example, some are going back to work. Some ( no names mentioned) are going to preschool, and some are venturing into a restaurant. Others are going to doctors. Some are going “shopping” like in a real store to buy clothes and non-essentials.

Do we ban them from the pod? Make them wait, two-weeks? What about everyone else in their house? And the big questions: if we can still see somebody in our pod who has gone rogue, then why not open it up to others and their pods? We have a minimum of one of these conversations every single day. It all hurts my brain.

So, I keep going back to what my Dad says, “ you have to live your life; just do the best you can.” My rules make no sense to anyone but me. I need follow my rules to feel safe. This is just a feeling, not a data-driven decision. I try to guide my feelings of safety by data-driven scientists and doctors. At least what I can gather from what they are saying.

3 W’s

Whatever your laws within your home, I hope that we can all follow the three essential W-rules.

Wash your hands, Wear a mask, and Watch your distance. I have added WTF! I still can’t wrap my head around all of this!

How to stand your ground on social distancing, without alienating family and friends disagree- Click below:

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