Should We Do It? 6 Reasons to Try a Camper

Mitch and I unknowingly were trendsetters before COVID-19.  

In January, we purchased, after much research, a new pop-up camper for his truck. Mitch researched the whole country and found our gem in Arkansas. Those who know me well know that I would not own a truck, nor would I purchase a pop-up camper. Turns out that I love driving his wheels and PRE-COVID, I was somewhat looking forward to the camper.  

POST-COVID- or MID- COVID, I am more than looking forward and prefer to use the camper and avoid hotels.


Our “intention” was to pick up the camper in Arkansas in April. Our other goal was to finally take our 40-year in the planning stages, cross country trip.  

It is now August, and our camper is hanging out in an Arkansas lot, waiting for its new home. We should pick it up, but Arkansas is on Cuomo’s exceptionally long list of quarantined states. We could quarantine in the camper on the way home

Mitch is a fantastic salesman. And since he retired, I am his customer.

He is selling me a trip to Arkansas while they are still on the NYS no-no list.

4 Reasons to go on this trip:

  1. We will not see anybody but the salesman in Arkansas who will tell us how to use the camper. Mitch has convinced me that since he is even older than us that he’s probably limiting his exposure…maybe???
  2. We will have vacuum-packed food. I am vegetarian, and my food is already questionable – I am not sure vacuum packing will increase the appeal or the look! It’s already fake meat and sealing it with heavy suction just sounds YUCK!
  3. We will pull out the apocalyptic toilet used during our escape from Florida – see blog… 2020 Vision of CHANGE as Told by Self-described Germaphobe 
  4. We will have the best masks – supposedly there is no way to get the Virus with our Super Seal EVON masks – But you know S@#$! happens when you are 100% sure of something.
  5. Mitch bought me a new washing machine
  6. This will be an adventure! At least that’s what Mitch keeps telling (selling) me.

I get it, how long can we keep the camper there? Will there be a good time within the next year or two? Maybe not.

So, I am considering going on this adventure in September and perhaps you should consider a renting or buying a camper too.

6 Reasons to use a camper:

  1. You will not be in large spaces with other people- But I will be in a very small space with a large person. Hmmm…
  2. You will know who prepped your food. This does not mean it will be tasty or clean but I will know who made it.
  3. You get to use your sheets and bedding. Damn! I like having someone else doing the laundry.
  4. You can visit so many safe areas to hike, walk, mountain bike, take photos, sit, nap, drink, kayak, read and explore.
  5. You will not have to think about what clothes, purses, or shoes to bring – who cares, right? I used to care about my purses….
  6. And if you are like me, you will be trying something new.

OH! And I’m sure this will generate loads of writing material!!!

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  1. Donald Zanella

    Another wonderful blog. YOUR writing is so heartfelt.
    I look forward to your next blog.
    As always, hugs to Jess😻💕


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