Attending a Party During Covid: Confession from the Outsider

We have not been to many parties or gatherings since March 2020. So, when we received an invitation to a party, my first thought was, “Oh NO! Do we go?” The friends who invited us are not just acquaintances; they are friends who have become family. Mitch has known the husband for 57 years! These are our people! So, we needed to decide will we be attending a party during Covid?

Mitch and I vacillated with our RSVP. 

As Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof laments, “on the other hand…but on the other hand….” 

 Back and forth until we decided we would attend.


A day before the party, Mitch said to me, “We can’t do it, I am going to call up and be honest about our concerns.” Two-minutes later, Mitch told me he spoke to our friend, and we were going. At a boy, Mitch!

Our friend told Mitch that they obtained two outdoor heaters for us. They also set up their beautiful porch so that we would feel comfortable. Ok, so “on the other hand,” we decided to attend happily.  

It has been a long time since I wore make-up, picked out shoes other than sneakers or Dansko clogs. . I missed dressing up, even if dressing up meant jeans, sweater, scarf, gloves and a hat (why did I bother with my hair!). I was freed from my workout clothes. I was going places!

Mitch and I prepared to get in the car at the same time the rain prepared to fall. Was this our message to stay home? We hesitated for a moment before grabbing two umbrellas and continuing.

Attending a Party During Covid

We arrived and quickly went to the yard. The backyard was twinkling with lights, comfortable seating, and a giant umbrella. Mitch and I took a seat and noticed that everyone else was in the house. No masks. People greeted each other with hugs.

Confession from the Outsider
Attending a Party During Covid
Mitch and I (the Outsiders) with our masks off – We were by ourselves for this photo

Our hosts were gracious, and we had, or I had too much to drink and plenty of food. I only ventured into the house with a mask attached to grab dinner, and yes, another drink!

Only a couple of people ventured to the porch to chit chat; most stayed in the house. It was cold and I didn’t blame them. I felt terrible for our hosts, who had to navigate between their guests inside and “the outsiders.”

We went home, and I needed to process. There is no judgment here, I just do not know if I am overreacting? Are they underreacting? Is it somewhere in the middle? How can we hear the same information and react so differently?

Why are we interpreting the information so differently? I went to my friend Google and asked her for an opinion. Pew Research revealed an interesting look at Partisan divide, click here for more.

Why is our reaction to a virus political? I read an article about Politics wrecking American response, which demonstrated the differing views.

It’s how we interpret the news. More importantly, it is the information that we are seeking, based on our chosen network. One article concluded that if Democrats could find more trust in Trump, and Republicans could find less trust in Trump, we may reach a consensus. 

And still, some believe that the pharmaceuticals are running the show.  

Confession from the Outsider

I am just an average person trying to figure this all out. Wear a mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands. It makes sense, but maybe I am brainwashed into believing this? And there is my point, why is the @#$% virus political? Where can we get the real story? I think I know the truth, and my friends agree that they know the facts. This dilemma is not a judgment; it’s a state of confusion!

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