Guess Who we Met? A Poem about Travel and Dogs

Today is about travel and dogs; set as a Poem,

We are on the road again, far from our home.

Back in the camper, our new mobile pad,

Trekking to Boca to visit my Dad.

Camping is good for avoiding the masses,

Wearing the masks, donning sunglasses.

Most people we meet, keep their distance,

I need to remind Mitch, with (his words!) too much insistence.

Camping on the Beach

We brought our dog Daniel, as we drive through the states,

He is a great traveler and canine mate.

Our current stop is on the beach, camper docked on land,

When we came upon a family, three dogs in hand.

One looked like our Daniel, who is an Italian Greyhound,

Yes, right in front of our dock, a new friend was found.

No distance needed between these two,

They frolicked without leashes, amidst the best view.

When I asked the pup’s name, the answer was uncanny,

Because my greyhound Daniel was playing with their whippet Danny!

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