Size A B or C, and I am Not Talking Bras (RV search)

Size A, B, or C, and I am not talking bras! Who would have guessed? Mitch and I traveled to Florida in our Truck Camper. You know the one I wrote about without the bathroom and indoor shower. We love our camper, but for me, this RV is missing a critical facility! We started looking at alternatives, and cutely, unlike bras, they are classified as A, B, B+, or C and there is also the fifth wheel.

I don’t think I would have given truck camping a chance if Covid-19 didn’t arrive in 2020. So, for us, there is a silver lining to the pandemic. Yes, I am stretching but trying to stay positive. Do you have any silver linings during the Pandemic? I would love to write about it – let me know here.

Camping for me is a way to avoid hotels, planes, and trains. Had those options been readily available, I may have told Mitch –“Yeah, camping’s a fun concept, but this hotel has a shower with a roof and walls!” Covid-19 ended that, and I happily agreed to travel with the RV crowd. 

And, to Mitch and our Friends’ Surprise, I love our Truck Camper but…

There is still that missing piece. Mitch and I started researching for our next RV. We have only used this camper for four months, and it is still in pristine condition. This time, we need to make sure we are getting the right RV for us. It’s not like we can buy and sell campers every 6-months; especially during a pandemic!

It is entertaining to research the different size offerings ( A, B, B+, C and more). Definitely more fun than searching for the right bra size that coincidently come in the same classifications. And way more amusing than I thought it would be- perhaps even more exciting than owning. Sorry, Mitch – I didn’t mean that.

My first camping article was about the Rockstar camper in Camper Envy. Now I know that is a Class A. That makes sense because it’s the top of the line. But only if that is what you are looking for in an RV.  

RV – Size A B or C?

When one enters a Class A, you are entering a luxurious home. It’s saying, “Hon, let’s put wheels on our house and drive to the beach this weekend.” Class A is built on what looks like a full-size bus or truck chassis (new vocabulary word). These motorhomes can range anywhere from 29 to 45 feet long, often sleep between six to eight people. Most have slideouts to enhance the width once you are parked. When the pandemic is over, you should check these out – it’s a cool field trip.

Class A is not for us. It is too big, too much to maintain, too hard to navigate on the road and a beast to park. This motorhome does not match the type of outdoor “camping” we plan to do in the future.

RV's  Class A motorhome
Inside view of Class A RV's and motorhome
Sample Interior of Class A

I will skip to Class C. Like bras, it’s bigger than a B, but unlike bras, it’s smaller than an A. Class C has a lot of the luxury of the larger Motorhomes but is more compact. It has a nice bathroom and shower and most of the comforts of home. I still think this is too large for us, but we have looked online at some smaller Class C.

RV's and Class C motorhome
Class C

Like the quote from Goldilocks and The Three Bears “Ahhh, this chair [substitute camper] is just right.” It appears that the Class B fits just right. But what do I know? I thought traveling without a bathroom was ok until I actually did it!

Class B  has some luxuries, yet it fits on a large van chassis (there’s that word again) and is so much easier to drive, park and maintain. I was all in until…

RV's- Class B

We watched a show called Go North on Prime about RVing, and Mitch found another truck camper that is larger than ours, has a bathroom, and many of the conveniences of home.

Camper RV's- Truck Camper

Damn, I thought I was getting close to that luxury home on wheels! Back to the drawing board….

3 thoughts on “Size A B or C, and I am Not Talking Bras (RV search)

  1. Shira

    I think the one we rented (a long time ago) slept 6 and had a toilet and shower. It was called a “Minnie Winnie”. Looked kind of like the C. It had a tiny kitchen with stove, fridge and sink. The “kitchen table” became the bed. Also had a bed above the front seats.

  2. Deb

    Hey Vickie, with a large truck camper like that photo, I think you might need an 8’ truck bed and duallies (four wheels in rear of truck).


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