Covid-19 Test, Yikes and Thanks!

Have you thought about Covid-19 testers? Are they volunteering for this? Was it part of their pre-Covid-19 job description? I have massive respect for the people stepping up to perform this unpleasant task. I also have a weird suspicion that my Covid-19 tester was a bit Brutal! But I still say to him and his fellow testers: thank you for your service.

I am not a newbie to the Covid-19 test (as many have you may have guessed). When Mitch and I returned from visiting my Dad in Florida, we signed up for another swab. This is my sixth test, and I am just a civilian- not an essential worker! Yes, I am sometimes called a  hypochondriac, but that is not why I have been tested so often. Two of the tests were before a minor elective procedure. One swab was before visiting my father in Florida. Another Covid-19 swab was on the day we returned from Florida. OK, maybe one swab was random hypochondria, but the rest were legit!

Are we all confused yet!

The sixth test was two weeks ago and three days after the first negative as per new NYS rules. If one is entering New York State from a Cuomo NYS No-No state and has quarantined for three days after the first test, you must get a second test. Are we all confused yet! And to make matters worse, I think almost every state is a No-No state.

My nephew, Miles, described his first test this past summer. He told me his brain hurt because they sent the swab so far. I arrogantly chuckled to myself and thought, yeah, OK, you are a lightweight. Sorry, Miles.

Then my husband complained of the same thing on one of his previous tests. I also dismissed his complaint as him having no tolerance for a bit of discomfort.

Was it Karma?

Was it Karma? I don’t know. But two weeks ago, the tester jammed the swab to the point of no return in my nose and may have tickled my brain. He twirled and counted. I winced and cringed.

The test was over quickly, but the sting lingered for hours. The burning subsided from “YIKES! I need to do Lamaze breathing” To “I can deal with this,” within one hour of the test.

Duly humbled, I sent an apology text to my nephew, Miles. He replied that he had received many tests since his first bad experience, and all have been smooth.

Remember the movie and Broadway play “Little Shop of Horrors!” Remember Steve Martin’s role as the dentist? If not, click here for a laugh. The last test brought that scene to mind.

A Vow!

I will get a Covid-19 test again! I will wince and bear it! I will not complain! This is not hurting as much as the election did! I am thankful for every person who is providing testing and risking their lives to do so. It is worth getting tested! I will not judge another person’s reaction to a test. At least, that is what I keep telling myself?

One Reason for Covid-19 Testing
One good reason to keep getting tested!

Today, I heard there is a new at-home Covid-19 Test in the works!  It reminds of an at-home pregnancy test – check it out –here. My testing opportunities could be limitless…

What has been your testing experience? Let me know here.

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