3 Inspirational Messages from Above: Thanks, Ben!

This is the story of my friend Chris and her family. It is the story of opening up to inspirational messages from above.

I met Chris through work.  We were in the human service field, providing information and support for individuals with disabilities and their families. Our children inspired both of us to pursue this work.

Chris and her husband Rick
Chris and her husband Rick

Chris is not only beautiful on the outside, but she is also gorgeous on the inside. She is the first to lend a hand, say a meaningful word, give a gift of kindness.  Chris and her husband, Rick, do not understand the word “NO.”

When their son, Ben, was diagnosed with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, Chris and her family did everything humanly possible for Ben to experience all he could.  When Ben was in his 20’s and wanted to live independently, Chris and Rick went to work.

They realized that Ben might not live long enough to see his dream come true because of the nature of Duchene’s and the time consuming governmental red tape that hinders the opening of new homes for individuals who need assistance. 

So, Plan B was to start their own foundation and build a specialized home for Ben and his friends with similar needs. Chris,  Rick, and Ben’s sister Michele worked tirelessly to see Ben’s dream come true. 

Ben did get to live independently in his own home. Sadly, Ben passed away on April 13, 2012; he was only 27. Several years later (2018), Chris and Rick transitioned their Independence Foundation, which now included three homes and numerous supports to People Inc.

Chris is a prolific writer. She has had numerous signs from Ben. With Chris’s permission, I am sharing some of her inspirational words and messages from Ben.

A Special Charm Bracelet

Inspirational messages and signs from departed loved ones. Charm bracelet symbolizing the Independence home built for Ben
Symbolic Charm Bracelet

This was written the week of July 4th, 2018

I wore this charm bracelet every day when we were dreaming of opening a house for Ben 13 years ago!

My first charm was the house, then the angel. I wore it every single day to remind me of my focus! I wasn’t sure we could do the impossible, but I hoped that the angel would help us!

The other charms came later after the first house opened successfully!

I dug this out of my jewelry box yesterday. I decided to wear it as I signed the paperwork to transition the Independence Foundation to People Inc.

It seemed right to bring that bracelet full circle! I love this charm bracelet because as I move, it jingles.

The jingling for me was a gentle reminder that whatever we put our mind to, we can achieve it if we just stay focused!

It seems perfect that this week is Independence Day week!

Soon, after Ben Passed Away – Chris Noticed a Sign from Above

Today we were at Ben’s house to get something from the backyard. We walked around the house corner to look at what had bloomed in Ben’s vegetable garden! Forget Me Nots!!!!! They were not planted there; they just grew!! Forget Me Nots are not anywhere else in the yard – only in Ben’s garden!! We dug some up to take home and plant in our gardens! Don’t you worry Ben -you will not be forgotten!!

Another Powerful Message

Recently Chris texted this powerful story: I got a call a few weeks back – it was from a lady I knew when the kids were in school together – we follow each other on Facebook.  Nina calls and says, “Hi there,” and we catch up for a bit.  Nina continues, “I had to call you.” She  had a dream about Ben the night prior, and he was not in a wheelchair. Ben told her, “I am watching over my mom and those girls!” [nieces] He tells her that one niece looks like him! (Which even people who only met Ben once say!). Then Nina tells me that it was a nice dream – and she has “channeled” people before.

Nina continues to relay that on that day she received a missed call on her phone.  The caller ID said it was from Michele [Chris and Rick’s daughter]. Nina was curious and re-dialed the number. The recording said this number is no longer in service. What is striking about this story is that the phone number  was Michele’s old number; it was disconnected a few months back! Nina sent a screen shot of the call displaying Michele’s name.   So, there you have it – Bens been busy!!! ❤️

A Sign from Departed Loved One.  Photo of missed call from defunct number of ben's sister.
Screenshot of Call from non-functioning number
No Matter How Difficult it Gets, Every Little Thing is Gonna be Alright!

Nov 10, 2020

I was having a rough day the other day. Yes, even I have bad days! By evening I was downright bajiggity!

So, since it was like 65 degrees out at 9:30pm, I went out to get some air. I went to walk the driveway between the house and the barn, but it was ridiculous dark, so I turned on an outdoor light.

The light made my shadow stretch from the garage all the way to the barn! I laughed out loud because Rick had just told a story of how if your shadow is taller than you, you aren’t getting any vitamin D from the sun!

I know, random, but bear with me!

So, now I’m smiling, and the “every little thing’s gonna be alright” song pops in my head! Yes, I’m walking, frontwards, backward (just to see if I can!) And there were a bazillion stars! My view was impeded by the light, so I walked back farther next to the barn where it was a little darker!

At this point, I was talking to Ben, and marveling at the multitude of stars. While I was walking, I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome to see a shooting star!? So, I say out loud, “Ben, are you with me?”

And …. one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three…….

Yep! A shooting star! Right between the two cupolas on the barn!

Clear as day! Right where I was star gazing! And yes, he was with me! So, no matter how difficult it gets, every little thing is gonna be alright!

We need to tell each other this! We need to hear it!

Thanks, Ben!

Photo of Ben- Messages from Above

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