11 Things I Learned from Our Experience with Covid-19

Our encounter with Covid-19 was unique. I say that because it seems like nobody has the same experience with Covid-19. At least from my non-scientific query of the folks who had symptoms. So, in no hierarchical order, here are some observations:

11 Things I  Learned from Our Experience with Covid-19
  1. Everyone is pretty much afraid of you even after your quarantine is over. This does not just include my husband Mitch and myself but has spread to close relatives. My other family members are asked when they saw us last, how many days? We are the local “pariahs,” Even though we have been off quarantine for 11 days.  
  2. Writing thank you notes is more manageable. My standard email starts like this: I don’t think you want a handwritten thank you note from us just yet. I imagine people receiving the letter and saying, “uh oh – should I open this? Where are The gloves? Are their virus aerosols in the envelope?” Hence, the emailed note 😊
  3. Can we still get Covid? Are we immune? I have not learned the answer to the immunity question. I read and hear conflicting reports ranging from immune superheroes for 90 days to you can still get another version of coronavirus, and there are no guarantees of immunity. Unfortunately, I personally know somebody who contracted Covid-19 twice.

4. People are really caring and nice.

5. Sense of taste is not overrated. It is frustrating to eat and not taste. By the way it has not stopped me from eating a lot! I am slowly getting my taste back.

6. Mitch and I are going to get the vaccine. Yes, even though we already had Covid (see above for immunity). We were also told by our Dr. and the nation’s Dr. Fauci that a mask will still be needed after the vaccine. After the vaccine, experts believe that we can still transmit Covid even if we have no symptoms. This is all so complicated! 

7. Everyone I know experienced Covid-19 differently. We had different symptoms and recovery. Ranging from “I don’t even know I have it except for a positive test” to “three weeks later and I am still fatigued and feel like I will never be the same.” And these are considered mild cases!

8. One test may not be enough. Mitch and I both had an initial negative test, but we did not feel well and went for a second test. The second test was positive. Perhaps, we did not have enough virus load for the first test to identify Covid-19. If you have symptoms and a negative test, please take a second test a few days later.

9. It is almost impossible to watch Grey’s Anatomy while suffering from Covid-19, and while I’m at it, it’s tough to watch the Covid-19 news reports. Mitch watched the news, and I kept saying, “You know we have this disease they are screaming about! How can you watch this while we have it?!!!” These shows trigger every alarm!

10. Some doctors’ offices will not allow you to visit until you have a negative Covid-19 test. But some reports say that you may have a positive result for 3-months, even though you have recovered and no longer infectious. Some doctors will see you 14 days after a positive test if you do not have a fever. I wonder if you take a second test to satisfy some doctors, and the results are still positive, will the county tell you to quarantine again? 

 11.Wear a mask, Watch your distance, Wash your hands

Have you had Covid-19? 

Do you have a unique story to share? Are you getting the vaccine? Share your experience or opinion here.

I started writing this blog in March. The writing has kept me going during an unprecedented time in history.  I am thankful for all my readers and wish you and your family a  happy and healthy new year! And I hope you find something that keeps you going in 2021.

I read a meme that said: I am going to stay up on New Year’s Eve this year. Not to see the New Year in, but to make sure this one leaves!

See you in 2021!

16 thoughts on “11 Things I Learned from Our Experience with Covid-19

  1. Debbie Stern

    Vickie, your insights are so important for all of us to think about! The vaccine apparently won’t be a “get out of jail free card”. We will still need to take precautions and thank you for calling attention to this. So glad you both are ok!

  2. Ginny

    So happy to hear you and Mitch are recovering well, hopefully 2021 will be a cootie reduced year for all of us Happy holidays to you both and keep writing, love your blog, ginny pacer

  3. Carol MacDonald

    Your insight to having Covid is well said(as is all your writings). The unknown causes fear and anxiety. Hopefully we will get answers to some unknowns as the scientists learn more. Happy you, Mitch and your family are doing well now. Don’t forget to remind me about the paint when you’re ready for it. ❤️

  4. george marks

    Love your incisive writing, but, like you and Mitch, we’re left with more questions than answers.
    I guess, eventually, we’ll all find out!
    We’re taking your dad to dinner this Tuesday to celebrate his birthday, the BIG one!
    Only saddened that mom can’t be there, although we’re sure she is in spirit! We miss her.
    Best to you, Mitch and all your family.
    George and Margie Marks

    1. raisingjessstory Post author

      Thank you, George! Eventually, I guess we will find out…. I am so happy that you are spending my Dad’s birthday with him – I wish we could join you too! Let’s hope that we can all celebrate next year together! I miss my Mom too and it was interesting that when I got Covid, I kept thinking how much we would have been talking – she would have made me crazy with this virus but it would have been all out of love… best to you and Margie and your family – Love V

  5. Michele Calandra

    Thank you for your honest portrayal of your experience, mixed with the light humor we all need. Blessings to you and Mitch in the New Year!
    Michele Calandra


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