New Year Resolutions, A New Me-Nah…

Do you make New Year Resolutions? I usually make one or two, and they focus on organization, re-organization, and new-organization techniques. Again, my 2021 resolutions included a wish-hope-strive-resolute for organization. Consequently, since I re-commit to this skill each year, organization is probably unattainable. I probably should just move on! New Year, New Me- Nah….

New Year Resolutions, why bother?

This year, I expanded my New Year resolutions to Mitch. I promised I would stop micromanaging him about the virus. My vow lasted less than a day. I am back to, “Did you wash your hands?” “How close were you to the neighbor outside?” and Yes, I even have comments about the quality of his mask. It is exhausting for both of us.

Next, I moved to the aforementioned organizational resolutions starting with my phone. My youngest daughter, Carly, inspected my phone and was horrified when she saw that I retained close to 186 unread iPhone texts. Well, not completely unread, but more of a glance at the texts without opening them or replying. Carly cleaned my phone and said, “I am starting your iPhone on a New Year!” Today is January 9th and I am proud to say that I have maintained this resolution, thus far.

186 unread phone texts
first text: Hey, Sorry I was busy 
Reply text: I sent that 2 years ago

I had a similar resolution with unread emails. I am trying to keep up with that too. I thought my email dilemma would go away once I retired and now I know it is not the email; it is ME! One of the problems is that I have three active email accounts. My oldest account, AOL, embarrassingly, is still one of my addresses. I use this address for all the stores, coupons, sign-up now, and other promotional websites. It is my junk draw of emails.  My second email address is a communication tool, and my third email address is for everything related to writing my book and this blog.  

Ta Ta, 2020 – How Come None of the Psychics Alerted us to You?

2020 left its mark. My Mom passed away in February, and our lives will never be the same. I am grateful that she did not have to experience the Pandemic.

We miss seeing our daughter Jessica and hope that her understanding of our in-person absence is tolerable for her. Jessica appears happy whenever we Facetime and we pray that this is an accurate reflection of her emotional health.  I recently visited Jess via the window as so many do with relatives in nursing homes and Jess was thrilled with this glass-separated visit, as well.

New Year, New Me - Nah  Visiting Jess through a window pane.
Visiting Jess – Talking through a window pane.
I Miss:
  • Visiting my Dad. 
  • Spending time with family. 
  • My friends and companionship.  
  • The big holiday meals and celebrations. 
  • Going out to dinner.

And I took so much for granted before the Pandemic.


FACEBOOK Told ME THIS so it must be true!
Grateful - I've learned this it is not what I have in my life, but who I have in my life that counts
FACEBOOK Told ME THIS so it must be true!

We are grateful for all we had in 2020, considering the circumstances. Our out-of-town daughter and family moved back home; a dream come true. In addition, our in-laws moved back from across the country, and although this was Pandemic related and may be temporary, it is so lovely that they are here.  

Mitch and I appeared to have survived Covid-19, although I am too superstitious to make that a definitive statement. We learned that our marriage could withstand a pandemic, buckets for bathrooms in campers, endless Groundhog days, and looking at each other each morning.

We are grateful for the staff and manager of Jessica’s home. They have made this year bearable for Mitch and me. We rely on them, and they have knocked it out of the park.

My book will be out in 2021!

Embarrassing End to 2020

I started the New Year off in an odd way, and since it happened before New Year’s, I am keeping this as a 2020 event.

It was December 28th, and I was getting ready to ski. I lifted my ski boot above my head to check the underside of the boot. AND WHAM! The boot slipped and hit me on the side of my head. DONT ASK! 🙄 I felt a goose egg forming, but otherwise, I was fine. No problem skiing, everything was okay. I went to bed with a very mild headache that night (figured it was the big glass of wine from dinner), and by morning I awoke at five with a headache painful enough to take Tylenol.

Yes, the headache freaked me out-. Did I have a concussion? After being told by Mitch and Carly NOT to call the doctor, I called the doctor. Doc said I shouldn’t have skied after the knock-on head. She told me not to do strenuous exercise or drink (OOPS!)! I am counting this as happening in 2020 and not as how I am starting the year in 2021.

Cheers to 2021

And so, I commence 2021 alcohol and strenuous exercise free for a couple of weeks. 

Cheers with juice to a Healthy New Year, Keeping your New Year Resolutions and new, fun adventures for all!

PS and Back to Organization

A reader recently contacted me about two articles she wrote about book organization. Very interesting ideas! Check out the blogs:

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For an inspiring stories about Raising a Child with a Rare Chromosome Deletion, check out 3-time award-winning memoir,  Raising Jess: A Story of Hope!

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4 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions, A New Me-Nah…

  1. Lynne Shine

    Glad you are on the mend. So sorry for all you have endured. Covid, mom, Jess, I can’t imagine. Brene Brown talks about 2020 being full of FFT’s; F’ing first times. It certainly builds resilience and strength but hoping beyond hope the universe recognizes you are strong and resilient enough! Sending xo

  2. Margie marks

    Hey Vickie happy new year enjoy all your stories sorry Dianne can’t read them but somehow I’m sure she knows ……anyway wishing all good things for us all in this unbelievable year take care stay well love margie and geo

    1. raisingjessstory Post author

      Happy and Healthy New Year to you and George and your family. I wish my Mom would have been able to enjoy the blog and the upcoming book and I hope that she somehow knows like you said…. Thank you both for reading – Love Vickie


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