I thought I would be writing about my Covid-19 Vaccine this week. As a local hospital volunteer I received notification that I was eligible for the Vaccine. The shot was scheduled for Wednesday, January 13th. I was nervous (of course!) because I still have antibodies from the virus. Were the virus antibodies and the Vaccine antibodies going to duel it out while I relived Covid symptoms? It turns out that they ran out of Vaccines, and so my antibody war was delayed. The good news is that our daughter Jess and my Dad (age 90 – hope you don’t mind me revealing your age Dad.) have one Covid-19 Vaccine down and one to go!

Windowpane visit after Vaccine.  JESS AND DAD HAVE ONE COVID-19 VACCINE DOWN – ONE TO GO
Windowpane visit after Vaccine.

I visited Jess via the windowpane to see how she was doing.  Her photo above says it all; no need for more words from me.

ARE WE ALMOST THERE? (Use Whiny Voice When Reading This Sentence)

Is this the light at the end of the tunnel? Will we be able to see our daughter freely? Are visits to my Dad in our near future? Who Knows? There are many more questions, and if one reads enough or asks enough, there are even more answers to each question! And the answers are all different.  Albert Einstein - the more I learn - The more I realize how much I don't know JESS AND DAD HAVE ONE VACCINE DOWN – ONE TO GO

An old cliché, “The more we know, the less we know, “applies to Covid-19. This virus has taken us for a wild roller coaster ride that keeps going, twisting and turning with numerous unexpected drops. Help! We are ready to get off and move to the carousel!

Many do not want the Vaccine. I recently read an article that spoke about how New York City vaccinated six million people against smallpox in less than a month in 1947. This was without social media, email, and other modern-day news spreaders!

Dr. Oshinsky wrote that in the  mid-20th century, people had a better grasp of the impact of infectious diseases because they saw the devastation time and again. 

Taken From NYT Smallpox Article

I am not arguing or questioning whether you should get a Vaccine or not; it is a personal decision. I am thankful that Jessica and my father received their first dose.

Jessica had a scheduled appointment and an organized administration of the Vaccine, with minimal wait.

My Dad, on the other hand, was planning on going to lunch.  One of his friends canceled their lunch because he was going to try to get a Vaccine.  Dad asked if he could hitch a ride to the site, and off they went.

I received my first text after Dad was on the line for one hour.  He did not have an appointment, but thus far, no other people in line were turned away.  Next, he went through a second checkpoint where they didn’t ask about an appointment but told him it would be another 2-hour car wait. One hour later, we received the beautiful photo below!

Dad receiving Vaccine
Dad Receiving Vaccine

So far, so good for Dad and Jess. I pray that Dad, Jess, her housemates, and staff have a smooth aftereffect. I hope the second dose does the intended job.

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

We look forward to the day that Jess can come back to our house, smiling, singing, and bringing joy to this year of gray.

Thoughts of going out to dinner, once again, with Jess and smiling at the other diners because Jessica is so enthusiastic in a public place. (I am not always sure they are smiling back at me.) The simplicity of going to my Dad’s house and hanging out again.  My biggest hurdle about going to Florida was always flying, but I never thought that a Pandemic would be a more significant hurdle.  Nobody did. Jess and Dad have one Vaccine down and one to go – and I hope this is a game-changer.

Grandpa Monroe and Jess in Better Times- JESS AND DAD HAVE ONE VACCINE DOWN – ONE TO GO
Grandpa Monroe and Jess in Better Times

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  1. Sherri Davis

    I read that article about the vaccination of millions in 1947- I had the same thoughts- no internet etc but somehow it got done!

  2. Mark S.

    Vickie if you are going to get the vaccine we all know it must be as safe as it can possibly be. Good luck and let those of us in waiting know how it goes.

  3. michaelreif3712

    Nice view of what’s happening. Glad you and family are safe and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I got lucky last night and got an appointment for the vaccine via the website. . The good news is I’m eligible. The bad news it’s not until March 4th due to the limited supply the Feds send to NYS. All else is good.

    1. raisingjessstory Post author

      Glad you are on the list! I hope the production increases so that you don’t have to wait until March. Glad you and the family are doing well and Thanks for reading and commenting!


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