Unbelievable Timing

I had an unbelievable experience today, and I attribute my luck to good timing and an overturned glass. Let me explain.

I don’t know the origins of the overturned glass but will give you the quick superstition.  If something goes missing, you must immediately find a glass, turn it upside down, and your item will reappear.  I don’t know if I have enough glasses for all the items that go missing! Anyway, it’s a simple strategy so why not?

Unbelievable Timing - Turn over a glass to find missing items- Luck- Good Timing
Do you want to find lost items? Turn over a glass and look again!

Some folks may think I am a bit scattered.  I always have a million thoughts in my head, with a million things in my hands while walking many thousand steps.  The phone is usually ringing, binging, and tweeting.  The result is I sometimes lose things – but, in my defense, I think I lose less stuff than could be misplaced considering my multitasking.

We are renting a house in the Florida Keys.  I walk a lot, and people wave, but nobody knows my name; kind of the opposite of the bar Cheers.  Today, I decided to walk to the grocery store.  I put my AirPods in my ears and water in one pocket.  Keys, phone, and credit card were placed in my second pocket.  Off I went, in the hot sun, to Winn Dixie Market.

While walking, my phone rang, and I grabbed it to answer before returning it to my pocket. The phone rang often during the 2.5-mile walk to the store.

I really like this Winn Dixie because it carries fake bologna (Tofurkey product). If you haven’t had the real thing in 36 years, you barely can tell you are eating something other than lunch meat. I try not to figure out what I am actually eating because then it will be another item off my list of foods. But I digress…

Unbelievable Timing - Fake Bologna
Good Timing

Where’s My Card?

Time to pay and leave – I reached for my credit card…. Wait!  Where was the card? My pocket was empty! I looked on the floor, searched the market aisles until accepting that my card fell out during the 2.5-mile walk.

The store manager said they would hold my food, and so I began to retrace my steps.  It was hot, and I was frazzled.  With each step, I yelled at myself (Quietly because remember, nobody knows me here, and I didn’t want to scare anybody)

All I was thinking is that this will be the second time this year that my credit card fell out of a pocket!  When was I going to learn? Why am I so old, yet I still treat items like a child with frogs and rocks in their pocket?

I retraced my steps with no luck.  When I got back to the house, I put my card on lock. As an afterthought I decided to turn a glass over, although I knew this wouldn’t work.  Even if some nice honest person in the neighborhood found my card, they wouldn’t know how to contact me.

I went back to the store with another card to pick up the food. While driving home, I retraced my steps with the car.  I went down a small side street and saw a nice-looking young man starting his walk.  He also had AirPods in his ears, but I decided to bother him anyway.  I rolled down the window and said, if you happen to see a credit card on your walk, it’s mine.

He looked at me and asked if my name was Rubin. “Huh? “ I quickly answered, “Yes.” He told me that his sister just found a credit card, and she didn’t know what to do with it.  He told me to wait while he retrieved it for me.

Unbelievable timing! I could have missed him, he was almost off the street! Was it the upside-down glass?  Was it karma?  Who knows!  I only wish I hadn’t quickly texted my husband Mitch when I lost my card. Because now I need to deal with his text that says, “you lose everything!” Sigh…..

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6 thoughts on “Unbelievable Timing

  1. michaelreif3712

    Great story Vickie . . . been there, done that with CC and hearing aids . . countless times. Once I was at a running team practice at a park 15 miles from home . . . after the workout went home and discovered my hearing aides were not on my ears. Went back to the park. search everywhere I was – – – then . . there they were. I had taken off my shirt before hopping in the car and apparently brushed them off without realizing it. A $4,000 save! And that was not the last time, ugh! Getting old sucks!

    1. Kathy Coe

      I wind up talking to myself exclaiming on my short coming . It does not help but alas I can relate to your misadventure. Hope all is well. Kathy Coe


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