Why We Said Goodbye Truck Camper and What’s Next?

Why Did We say “Goodbye Truck Camper” and What’s Next?

Mitch researched online for three months.  We knew about Truck Campers, but we bought you sight unseen with zero truck camping experience. And now it is time to say Goodbye, Truck Camper – and Hello to What’s Next.

We were together for a total of 24 days on four occasions. We traveled as far as Arkansas and Florida and many places in between.  If it were not for Covid, I would not have given you a second glance.  But there you were, our transport to Florida without flying!

Why We Said Goodbye Truck Camper

Please do not take this personally, Truck Camper (TC); It is not you; it’s me.  You see, I have this need to have an authentic bathroom and shower INSIDE the camper.  I know I may be picky but think of how far I have come!

Camping to me used to mean a nice hotel in a woodsy setting.  Perhaps a fireplace in the room rather than a campfire outdoors.  A restaurant with vegetarian options.  You get the picture.

Truck Camper, you taught me to enjoy sleeping with the night air streaming through our window.  You even had an air conditioner for when it was too hot. TC showed Mitch and me that we could happily survive in an exceedingly small space many days in a row.  You made me feel good that I could climb up to the cabover bed without using a ladder!  I felt very athletic.

Why Did We say Goodbye Truck Camper RV and What’s Next? Cabover Bed
Cabover Bed
Vegetarian Cuisine in Truck Camper
Camping Cuisine
Why Did We say Goodbye Truck Camper RV and What’s Next?
Camping Cuisine

Ta Ta Vanity

You taught me much about vanity, or perhaps lack of vanity.  Hair, make-up, outfits?  Who cares?  That was very liberating. I enjoyed glasses of wine by the campfire, plus veggie burgers (for me) and charred meat for him. His country tunes were playing in the background; I even got used to that.

We loved our adventures, but now it’s time to move on. As in every relationship, it took a while for us to let go.  Should we continue or start swiping left on the RV apps to find your replacement. (Tinder Dating APP reference for those of you who said what does she mean by swipe left)  We swiped and swiped and swiped. 

OK, Mitch swiped and reviewed and learned and analyzed. I just looked at the pretty indoor pictures of the RVs.

What’s Next?

We finally decided.  Our decision is also a bit risky because we are starting a relationship sight unseen once again, but so are all the other buyers.  The amount of research could equal a Ph.D., yet we still have not stepped foot in the new RV. We have a Facebook group and refer to ourselves as Gonnabees. Gonnabee an owner. We are all taking a risk on a model that is new to the market.

Our new model will have indoor plumbing (Yee HAW!) and four-season compacity.  We can camp in the winter (YIPPEE) – sidebar, it is April 21, 2021, and I am looking outside at 3 inches of snow, so Spring camping may also be another season.

Snowy Spring Day in April!
April 21, 2021

The new model has All Wheel Drive – we can go even farther into the wilderness (YIPPEE again?)

The other day, I asked folks about the Good Stuff from the past year.  I think learning to love to travel with your moveable hotel room is a GOOD-Stuff experience from the year of Covid.

RV Gestation Period 9 Months?

Our new baby, which we ordered in January,  is called a Winnebago EKKO.   Maybe that is why I never officially named you, my dear Truck Camper.  Perhaps I knew from the start that we wouldn’t be long-term, and I didn’t want to get too involved.

Hello EKKO
Winnebago EKKO 22

Our EKKO won’t be born until October –We still have time to think of names.  I hope this relationship lasts.

8 thoughts on “Why Did We say “Goodbye Truck Camper” and What’s Next?

  1. Barbara Singer

    Loved it as always. I couldn’t imagine TC and and my friend Vickie ever bonding. Looking forward to your next adventure

  2. DAP

    Great post!! <3

    My parents were big time campers when we were kids ….. then lots more of "under the stars" with a machine gun in the US Army. That all kind of ruined it for me. We tried to go camping once as an "adult" …. lasted till 2:30AM and went back home.

    1. raisingjessstory Post author

      I can see how the US Army camping could ruin sleeping under the stars. I really thought that I would be the “let’s go home” at 2:30 AM person – Nobody is more surprised than my husband and I, that this is actually something we both like! Hey, ya never know! Thanks for reading! – V


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