No More Masks? I Have Four-Questions????

No More Masks

My sister-in-law was the first to text me about the new CDC guidelines “Did you hear that vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks?” How did No More Masks miss my vigilant Covid news antenna? And now what?

First Off- Are We as a Community Really OK with No Masks?

I think it will be harder for me to stop using the mask than it was to start using it. It’s all happening too fast! For example, our state received guidance this week about attending baseball games with face covering, and only a day or two later, I can walk into the market bare-faced? I was just started embracing the new normal

B- Wearing a Mask Eliminated a lot of Morning Prep; Now What?

Who cares about make-up and lipstick? Not only was most of my face covered by a mask and glasses, but nobody recognized me anyway. Now do I need to dust off the old make-up for everyday use? For those who know me, this is not my issue since I rarely wear make-up, but I am asking for a friend(s)…

Third- Does this Mean we are Going to Catch Colds Again?

How many times have you had the conversation about the lack of flu and common colds this year? I believe face covering was part of the remedy. OK, the handwashing, social distancing, staying at home, no hugging, no theater, no restaurants, no parties, no celebrations also played a role. But still, I believe masks were a key factor for a decrease in the common ailments.

D- What Do We All Do with All the Masks?

I am not sure about you, but I have a lot of masks. Maybe not as many as Nancy Pelosi; she seems to have a color-coordinated face covering for every outfit. Do you think there is a market for unused masks?  I hope there is not a market for used face covers! And what if the CDC changes its mind? Oh, and our Governor Cuomo has not made up his mind about the science, yet. OK, I will keep the masks.

The change is all happening so fast! I just got used to eating indoors. The heartwarming ad for Extra Gum () brings chills and tears of joy, an example of what the future may look like without masks! It’s worth the 61 seconds to peek. I even bought Extra gum, and I rarely chew gum. But I guess if you are taking off the mask, you now need to make sure your breath smells fresh!

No More Masks indoors? It may take me a bit, but I will work on going out maskless! I think I have some time because New York State has not given it the OK yet.

Mask or No Mask – That is the Question

What are your masked thoughts? (comment area below)

10 thoughts on “No More Masks? I Have Four-Questions????

  1. Every person in wegmans was wearing a mask today. I’m not ready to go maskless indoors… yet..

  2. I’m very comfortable with no masks outdoors and indoors with vaccinated folks but the idea of going maskless in a large grocery store where 50% of folks might be unvaccinated still makes me very uncomfortable.

  3. I’m still going to wear a mask indoors- vaccines only provide us with maybe 85% immunity at our age( I’m totally guessing here) but we don’t have 100% immunity even with the vaccine. Unlike the flu, I’m not willing to risk getting it even if I’m “ mostly” immune- too dangerous. And I don’t plan to eat indoors for a long while- I am eating outdoors for first time today!

    1. Your note makes a lot of sense – especially at “our” age! I hope you had a good lunch! I have been eating indoors and it still feels a bit unsafe but I have only gone out to eat, indoors, with other vaccinated people. Thanks for commenting!

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