Happy 90 1/2 Dad

Happy 90 1/2, Dad

It was Dad’s first time flying without Mom. First time flying since the virus. Dad told me he felt like an old man. Happy 90 1/2 Birthday, Dad!

Before I could say, “You’re not old!” Even though I sometimes feel old at 63, Dad went on to explain. As soon as he got on the line for security at the airport, the young guard asked him if he had any metal parts in his body. Dad proudly said, “No.” The security officer looked him over and then explained to Dad what he meant by metal parts in the body. As if Dad didn’t understand the question rather than the security person not understanding the answer. After Dad explained that he did have metal parts again, the security guard “yes’d” him and still put him through the x-ray machine for Tin Men.

Old Man?

When the plane landed, my father walked to retrieve his luggage and immediately saw his suitcase getting dizzy on the revolving belt. Dad went to grab the bag when some kind man said, “Oh, I’ll grab that for you.” Dad said he was OK, and while they were negotiating the terms of suitcase assistance, the bag flew by. The kind helper started running after the bag as my Dad exclaimed, “Don’t worry, it will be back again!” The man caught the bag, and Dad thanked him and thought to himself, must be the old man thing.

Later that day, Mitch guided Dad into what my mother always called his big F!@#$ truck by telling him how to hop in the front and what to grab on for leverage. My Dad gave me a look, and we laughed. It must be another Old Man thing.

Hold The Railings!!!!

Once we were at the house, we gave Dad the tour. This was his first time visiting as buying our home coincided with Mom’s illness and then Covid. As we walked down the stairs from the loft, Mitch shouted – “HOLD THE RAILINGS!” I looked at Dad and said, this actually isn’t an old man thing because he tells me this every day!

Meanwhile, my brother, sister-in-law, and nephews drove from New Jersey to celebrate the milestone and a half! This is the first time the entire family would gather for years. It was not just COVID keeping us apart. It’s also geography. My Mom was unable to travel for the last few years, and our daughter Jessica could not travel to Florida.

Suburban Lawn Magic

That night while we were all sleeping, magic was happening on our lawn! Talk about a suburban celebration! A sign the width of our front yard (plus some of our neighbors -oops) was delivered. The announcement screamed Happy 90 ½ Birthday, Dad! Mitch informed me at 2 AM when the sign was delivered, “to let it be known, that he had nothing to do with this outlandish display.” We both laughed.

Where are My Socks?

Early the following day, I asked Dad to come outside for a second. “Oh wait he said, I need to take my vitamins and put on my socks” No, Dad, I reasoned, this will only take a moment. Let’s go out without socks. And we did!
To my delight, Dad LOVED the sign! My brother joined us, and we got a good laugh all day long. Not sure what the HOA thinks of this…. Can anybody say #firstworldproblems or #SurburbanWorldProblems

Old Man Surprise
Suburban Celebration!

Dad’s celebration continued with the family watching Mitch play baseball in the over 60 leagues! I will not make an Old Man reference here out of respect for the team, whose name is “JOINT EFFORT!” Not sure if the reference is to weed or all of their arthritic joints, but it is a great name!!!

OK, BACK TO DAD’s 90 1/2

The family gathered for cake and carbs and celebration of Dad! My SIL Cathy wrote a funny poem – a Covid portion is below:

         Vickie, "Most Paranoid,"          
              held a small super spreader,               
when Mitch thought his "cold"
had gotten much better.

It was a long stretch
but we all made it through,
and we're very relieved 
to now be here with you.

So happy belated 
let's shout out a cheer,
"Let's all get our boosters
and gather next year!!!"

So much fun, and Dad was feeling like his young self until he got back to the Buffalo airport on Monday. Dad sent a text saying, “At the gate, long line and Old Man Procedure in effect!” Those damn metal parts – Oh Well….

PS- Today, I talked with Dad and told him that Mitch and I were taking Jessica on an outing. “How are you getting Jess in the car?”, my Dad asked. Mitch and I will lift her into the truck. I heard a sigh and then, “You know you both aren’t that young, and you can hurt your back and at your age….yada yada!” I think Dad just called us OLD!


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    Love love love this❤ My Dad lived to be over 100 and had the same personality as your dad. I know how grateful you and your family feel to have had this delightful visit💖


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