I met a girl- at my age, can I still say girl? Her daughter’s name is Jessica and also has disabilities.  My new friend is a writer.  Yes, I  met my author Doppelgänger, we look nothing alike, but are so similar, as are our families. Her name is Cathy Shields, and she moved me with her essay about Acceptance. 

At first, Cathy  and I connected from a Facebook post.- her friend tagged her name on one of my Jessica blogs. Later we started writing to each other – 21st-century pen-pals, or is it now email-pals? Computer-pals? Keyboard-pals?  All I know is that no postage stamps are involved, at least not yet. 

We are women of a certain generation who write about our families.

Jessica and Her Siblings
Jessica and Her Siblings

  Cathy and I love our daughters named Jessica and both of our thirty-something daughters need assistance every day. Both of us are learning a new industry and are huge fans of each other’s writing. I know you will be a fan of Cathy, too! 

Acceptance Cathy and Jessica
Vickie and Jessica


 Cathy wrote an article that touched my heart, and I hope it will move you, as well. The title is The Last Threads of Denial Catherine Shields, it is on Page 59 of Publication.   Visit Cathy on Instagram

My Memoir, Raising Jess: A Story of Hope is receiving amazing reviews! Someone told me she and her eyes were fighting, she wanted to finish the book in one sitting and her eyes insisted on going to sleep! Have you checked it out? Click on link for summary and other details.  #RaisingJess

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  2. Ab

    What are the chances other than fate that you met your doppelgänger! The story you shared of her Jessica was very touching indeed! 💕🙏


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