Surprising Revelation Home Holiday Buffalo Bills

The Surprising Revelations about Home, Holidays, and the Buffalo Bills.

It was Rosh Hashana, and we were almost 2000 miles from home and family. Our location was Bozeman, Montana. I googled “Temple In Bozeman,” expecting google to laugh at me and say, “your kidding, right?”. To our surprise, there was a Temple. But that wasn’t the only Surprising Revelation!

Revelation One

We contacted our local Rabbi, who reached the Bozeman Rabbi, who happily welcomed us to their congregation. We soon realized had we not given a head’s up that we were members of another temple, we still would have been welcomed with open arms by this beautiful Community.

Surprising Revelation Home Holiday Buffalo Bills
The Temple in Montana

I noticed that no matter where we have attended Temple, from my hometown of Westbury, NY, to Miami, Florida, to Buffalo, NY, to Bozeman, MT., once you find a Temple, you find familiarity and welcoming arms.

Surprising Revelation Home Holiday Buffalo Bills
For those who Celebrate and for Everyone Else an Early Wish – for a Sweet,, Happy, and Healthy New Year

Yes, there are variations to the service. However, you mostly sing the same tunes and say the same prayers. People everywhere struggle with the blessing before the Torah and giggle. We experience the sacred joy of touching the Torah with our prayer book and then kissing the book’s spine. Recite the customary prayers for the sick and remember loved ones who have passed. I now stand and recite the prayer for my Mom. A time-honored oneness of faith.


Some feel culturally Jewish but unsure about the whole g-d thing. They follow the holiday rituals and feel the importance of custom, yet may question the origin of the beliefs. Others feel the oneness with a higher being. Regardless of your personal reasons for attending, there is a sense of Belonging. Something for everyone, no matter what your beliefs. A time to be present (no phones ) and reflect on the past year. The freedom to take a deep breath (even behind a mask), and sing whether or not you can carry a tune.


But it’s also a time to worry about evil people lurking. People who hate those who have different beliefs. As we sat down, the Rabbi gave the security speech. “These are the exits, and if you have trouble walking, please sit near the door for easy access to safety.” It’s a humbling beginning to the service and a necessary warning because this is the world we live in today.

If you have read my blogs or Op-Eds, you know that I fear flying. I often look at the flight attendant’s face, and if they seem calm, I feel better. I had a similar experience at Temple. The congregant who was minding the entrance stood by the door. When I heard a noise or new people approaching, I glanced at his face. If he had a calm flight attendant face, I felt better. When I mentioned this to my husband Mitch, I received the expected eye roll 🙄.

After the service, we were invited to join the congregation for lunch. We were treated to traditional foods. From dipping challah (ceremonial bread) into honey to symbolize the hope for a sweet new year to bagels and lox!

The Surprising Revelation about Home, Holidays and the Buffalo Bills
Dipping Apples and Challah into Honey to Symbolize a Sweet New Year

Revelation Two

And everywhere we go, everyone talks to us about our beloved Buffalo Bills. The country is behind our team; they feel for Buffalo and our years of struggle. Everyone has their own team, but they all say, “It’s Buffalo’s Year,” after their team, of course! Montana and Wyoming are Josh Allen country, and there is a lot of enthusiasm for him and the Bills.

Surprising Revelation Home Holiday Buffalo Bills
We Found Another Bill’s Fan in White Fish Montana

How About Those Bills!

We are 2000 miles from home and miss our family and friends, but the Jewish Community and the love of the Buffalo Bills make us feel at home. Even though we are far from our house.

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10 thoughts on “The Surprising Revelations about Home, Holidays, and the Buffalo Bills.

  1. Debbie K

    Happy healthy New Year! We have experienced the same comfort of belonging all over- even in non-English speaking shuls! Go Bills and you guys stay safe!

    1. raisingjessstory Post author

      Thank you!!!! We are having a similar experience with the Bills- everywhere we go, people are rooting for our team!! Wishing you, Bruce and the family a healthy happy and sweet ❤️

  2. Linda Foley

    Great story Vickie! It’s hard to be away from family, home, and the familiar during the holidays. But it’s comforting to know that we can find “family” in the larger community as well. A sense of belonging in “open sky country”, especially where they love our Bills and invite us in to join them in our holiday rituals. A sweet & healthy New Year, and safe travels my friend!

  3. Laura Lubin

    Thanks Vickie. I sent this to my niece in Butte Montana, my nephew in Georgia who loves his Dolphins and my brother in Merritt Island Florida. I hope you have a wonderful new year and safe travels.

  4. Anonymous

    Great article, Vickie! Perry once was in Hong Kong on Yom Kippur and had the same experience – except about the Buffalo Bills!

  5. Ab

    Wishing you a wonderful Rosh Hashanah. I’m glad you found a welcoming and nearby temple and how sobering to hear you had the security talk. Glad you were safe!


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