Blizzard 2022

A Real Blizzard 2022

I originally wrote the post below when the Blizzard was beginning. As I re-read the blog, I knew I needed to edit and add more about the realities of this historic event. Sixteen are dead! This is a deadly storm. The county believes there will be more tragedies as the days move on.

There are stories of women giving birth in their homes without any resources. People who need dialysis and can’t leave their houses. Fires and health emergencies when first responders are unable to get to the emergency. In Buffalo, even the Rescureres needed rescuing.

There is a Facebook group created to help those who are in need. There are already 60,000 members!

Jessica and Her Housemates

Many have asked us how our daughter Jessica, who lives in a group home, is doing. The staff who came on Friday morning were still there on Christmas day. Three days without a break, missing their families on Christmas, and no end in sight. As parents, Mitch and I were very concerned. We are two miles from the house, but it may as well be 200 miles. The streets are blocked with 4-5 feet of snow. Travel bans and high winds pummel the region. We could only give support and encouragement through the phone as we worried incessantly. At this point, Jess and her housemates are doing well.

Blizzard 2022
YES! It’s That HIGH! BTW That’s our snowed-in Truck beyond a wall of snow.

The group home staff are essential workers, yet they are often paid less than a person in a fast-food restaurant. They are giving their all, keeping our daughters safe and fed. ~ALIVE~ The pay has improved with legislation, but it’s not near the amount that compensates for the level of work. The staff are heroes every day and especially now. We are so thankful, and this writer doesn’t have adequate words to express my gratitude.

Mitch and I shoveled parts of our driveway – Yes, we are old! Yes, our kids warned us! Yes, my 92-year-old dad warned us! We were careful. We were able to get his truck into our neighbor’s driveway so that when/if the plows come, they can remove the 5 feet of snow from our driveway. Our neighbor’s house was blocked from the wind, and we were able to shovel his drive with greater ease.

Blizzard 2022
Not Bad for Two Medicare Age Folks!

More news reports will emerge as the week goes on. Please keep our region in your thoughts.

Blizzard 2022
Gus wondering where his favorite spot went!

Below is a more lighthearted take on the Blizzard, written before reality set in –

Original Blog Blizzard 2022

The weather reports kept telling us that this would be the most significant storm “In generations.”  But you know the weather, people, every storm is the “biggest storm!” But yesterday it happened! A real Blizzard 2022!

A Real Blizzard

UH Oh – This is our Front Door!

What? I Have to Go Outside?

Blizzard Elliot, to be exact. Winds exceeding 50 + mph, four plus feet, not inches of snow, and the world shrunk to the confines of our home. I was just proud to get my Italian Greyhound Daniel to pee outside! My Day was complete!

Our dog Daniel is an Italian Greyhound, weighing 14 pounds on a good day. He has no body fat, and his fur is primarily useless regarding protection from the cold. So how does Daniel go outside to do his business in this weather, you may wonder? Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.

First, I put on my Blizzard Wear – Gucci has nothing on my outfit! Mitch’s boots and hat, ridiculous polar coat, and gloves. I walked outside and shoveled a path for King Daniel. (Seriously, I don’t blame him, but such is the life of a dog) and eventually, either he had to go so bad, or I was so persistent he gave in, and he gave in two more times after that during the day/evening! YEAH!

My husband Mitch is what you call a forethoughtful preparer (is that even a phrase). This is when he shines! The generator is ready to go; we only have a small portable one. The path for the cords is determined. The fire is on, so we still have heat if the electricity goes out. Batteries – check; transistor radio- check; canned soup-check; flashlights-check. We are ready for what hits us; well, he is prepared – I just grabbed a glass of wine and a book.

Blizzard Elliot Has Nothing on Mitch!

So it’s Christmas Eve, and we were planning on spending it with our son and his family, but there are travel bans across the entire region. How do you cancel Christmas Eve? I’m Jewish, yet I feel the weight of this disappointment for my friends and family. Don’t worry, kids; Santa has a four-wheel drive sled.

Blizzard 2022
Yep, That’s My View!

I know we are fortunate because we have heat and electricity- food and shelter. Sprawled on the couch by the fire and reading a book without the pressure that you have something else to do feels excellent. I made homemade soup, and I made squash pear soup – recipe below. Watching all the great Netflix Christmas Movies. I loved the Noel Diary (This is Us fans, Kevin is in it!). And Mitch and I binged all eight episodes of A Storm for Christmas last night; that was a combination of Love Actually (My favorite) and Home for Christmas. For those who don’t know me, watching more than two episodes of anything without falling asleep is a major breakthrough, plus an enthusiastic rom-com recommendation for the show. Being cozy. And knowing that Mitch will save us whatever comes along because he has more than a book and wine as his tools.

Wishes for a Happy, Healthy, and Merry

Wishing all who celebrate a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, and a Happy, Healthy New Year. Thank you for reading my book, Raising Jess, my musings, and commenting; it’s so meaningful and appreciated. See you next year! XOV

Squash Pear Recipe from Wegmans. Instead of onion, I use leeks. I use Imagine Vegetarian No-Chicken broth for the base and add cinnamon and a hint of curry.

Raising Jess

6 thoughts on “A Real Blizzard 2022

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Vickie – I was just thinking about how lucky we all were to be able to celebrate Hanukkah together with Jess and her household just before the storm hit last week when your blog popped up on my 📱 phone. Stay safe, stay warm, and hi to Mitch. Our dog 🐶 Posie’s confusion about how to get her business taken care of with 3-4 feet of snow towering around her (she’s about 20 lbs) was just like yours – but she’s got a coat that’s up to the task, so afterwards she just wanted to stay outside and Chase snowballs. She’s been our only reason to venture outside for the last 4 days! Best, Glenn & Janet

    1. raisingjessstory Post author

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Glenn! We are so happy that we celebrated before the snow and that you joined us! It’s been a struggle for the house, but so far, everyone is OK – Wishing you, Janet, Daniel – your family, and Posie 🙂 a happy, healthy new year!

  2. Shira

    Love it! We have tons of cardinals, woodpeckers, blue jays, sparrows, etc at our bird feeders. 3 deer are hunkered down in their blankets of snow and of course we are watching the Bills game. Stay warm and enjoy the soup!

  3. Ab

    Oh wow, you got it pretty bad on your end. We got lots of snow and heavy winds but thankful not as high and deep as yours.

    Hope the power stays in your place and that you can enjoy a merry Christmas and Hannukah (is it over?) celebrations this weekend.

    Take care!


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