New Tradition or A Tradition

For our new Passover tradition
Nobody needed to audition.
Age and ability were the only precondition
To rise to this position.
The questions at the seder consist of four
Happening Before the meal and the Maror.  
The honor was handed down to Noa and Brady
Age 3 and 7, no longer called the baby.
Noa recited question one for the group
Flawless adorable Hebrew, we all gave a whoop!
Next came Brady sounding like a fluent Rabbi
When both kids were done, we were flying high
Griffin read the English translation
Our pride and joy reached pure elation.
Great Grandparents Monroe, Marty and Norma attended through Zoom
To hear their great-grandchildren, quiet the room.
A new tradition, 
An old tradition, 
A new direction for our group
An old direction, a generational loop

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