A Seinfeld Moment

We are fortunate to have my in-laws, Marty and Norma, staying with us this month. Their local social life makes me look like a homebody. They love coming back to Buffalo to see family and friends. There is only one small problem….Today’s Short Blog is About A Seinfeld Moment.

Photo from Florida where it is always too warm!
Mrs. Seinfeld, I Am Begging You, Turn On The Air!

Do you remember the episode when Jerry and Elaine were visiting his parents in Florida? Yes, it’s the one where Jerry’s parents keep the air temperature at a sweltering degree and are perfectly comfortable. Meanwhile, Elaine is passing out from the heat.

My father-in-law and I are having a similar issue. Last night, August 23rd, I came home to find the heat on. What? The Heat! It’s Summer! They are freezing, I am sweating. We tried to compromise, but I wasn’t sure if either of us were satisfied. Norma is smartly staying away from this topic. Marty and I finally came to a compromise where I would shut off the heat (phew!) but kept the thermostat to a balmy 74 degrees.

OK, I’m not that Bad!

That is until I woke up at 1:00 AM feeling so very guilty. How can I deprive my in-laws of heat? Yes, it’s August and warm outside, but still… I tiptoed to the thermostat and changed the setting. Now, if the temperature is a bit cooler than sweltering, the heat will turn on.

Satisfied, I went back to sleep. Well, at least I went back to bed – Sleep is a topic for another blog. In the morning, I saw that the thermostat read 72! I was upset. Marty and Norma must be freezing! How did that happen? I quickly readjusted the heat and set the digital temp to 75.

Checking in with my father-in-law that morning, I apologized for overreacting about the heat. What’s a little heat in summer – we can even turn on the fireplace if it gets really chilly.

A Funny Thing

Marty informed me that when he awoke and checked the thermostat, the reading was 75! He became concerned that I was channeling Elaine from Seinfeld and he quickly adjusted the unit back to 72!

Unbeknownst to him, I also checked the temperature after Marty and was upset that it read 72! Did I dream that I changed it to 75? I immediately changed it back to 75.

So that is our Rubin-Seinfeld moment. We both got a huge laugh and it felt good that we were nicer than Seinfeld characters and trying to help each other.

What about Us- We are wearing fur coats!

I am going away for the weekend and told Marty to go at it! It’s like leaving the kids at home but instead of thinking of the alcohol they will consume, it’s the freedom of heat!

It’s Time to go shower again because I am hot!

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10 thoughts on “A Seinfeld Moment

  1. Mary Becker

    I totally remember that episode because we went through this with our parents as well. Also because we just finished rewatching every Seinfeld episode since the series first aired. Now we can’t find anything else to watch, nothing is that funny! And, we do the middle of the night changing temperature thing with the friends we travel with and they are only 3 yrs older than us!

    1. raisingjessstory Post author

      LOL about your friends!!!! Recently, Mitch and I have been watching some of the Seinfeld episodes with my Father-in-law – it’s hysterical all these years later!
      thanks for reading and commenting!!!

  2. Marlene FIscher

    This was great! If it’s above 68 at night I can’t sleep at all- actually I barely sleep anyway but that’s another story. You are a good host.


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