My First Pair of Fancy Shoes- Thanks, Mom

I know, I know, I have talked about purses in my blog. Yes, it’s shallow but still fun, right? However, I never spoke about My First Pair of Fancy Shoes. When my mom passed away in February 2020 my father and I had the hard task of going through all her clothes and belongings. And I found a surprising revelation.

I’m not sure where I got this desire to have designer anything; my mom was not into these kinds of purses and thought it was a big waste of money. (True Words)

Wow Mom, Who Knew about ALL Your Shoes!

But! Unbeknownst to me, my mom loved Designer Shoes. I can’t even count how many Ferragamo heels I found. Unfortunately, mom’s foot was size 7, and mine is size 10. Damn!

I saved a few pairs for my 4-year-old princess granddaughter, Noa, who is already showing signs of wanting glitzy shoes, clothes, purses, and all sparkly stuff. Ironically, my daughter, Noa’s mother, has no interest in any of that!

A Memory

Finding Mom’s shoes brought back a memory of Mom and I shopping at Salvador Ferragamo back in the 80’s and getting my first pair of fancy shoes.

They look like brown bowling shoes, very slim and non-descriptive. No SF initials blaring from the soulless heel. To the naked eyes, they just look like a nice brown leather sneaker.

But I loved the shoes. And I wore them often. They never seemed to age.

Last week I was talking to a friend about footwear, and remembered the brown bowling shoes and wondered where I stored the almost forgotten sneakers. I bought them 3 moves ago and questioned if they made the cut.

I didn’t have to go farther than my closet to find the sneakers, hanging out, waiting for me to tap them on the heel and take them for a walk. Like Cinderella’s glass slippers, they fit perfectly!

Still in pristine condition. Maybe there is something about designer shoes, purses and longevity. And if I divide the outrageous price by number of years of wear you’re actually getting a bargain.

Case in point is a Gucci Purse my mother-in-law left to me when she passed away too young. I always cherished my MIL ,Rita. When I use her purse, I think of her and all the love she had for our family. Her purse is over 50 years old! I wished I looked this good when I was 50! It still looks brand new. ( me not so much)

An Investment
Rita and Jessica


The shoes bring me back to a beautiful time when my mom and I went on a carefree shopping trip and she splurged and bought me my first pair of designer shoes.

It’s Ok

During this stressful period of life, where the news of war, hate and scary politics are blaring from every source. It felt good to have a loving memory of Mom and my first pair of ritzy shoes. It’s OK to think of other things, Thanks, Mom.

Mom, Me and Dad! At my Surprise 50th Birthday!

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14 thoughts on “My First Pair of Fancy Shoes- Thanks, Mom

  1. Ab

    I love this memory, Vickie and of how it brought back wonderful memories of your mom and childhood.

    I’m not much of a shopper nor do I cover fancy brand name things. Having said that, I do believe in investing in quality – such as winter down coats, boots, etc. as they will last a long time and you really stretch the dollars invested in them.

    And during these darker and difficult times, it’s ok to think about things that help take your mind off the hard stuff. Hang in there. 🙏💕

  2. Deborah

    I really love mom and daughter memories! My
    mom always dressed smartly – accessories, shoes, hair, purse – put together perfectly. I guess it was their culture at that time. But nothing designer for her. I’m pretty sure she didn’t even know what that was. We grew up in Niagara Falls, 3 girls, my mom and my dad (in a house with 4 females and 1 bathroom)! Yikes. Every Christmas, mom drove the three girls to the ‘big city’ to shop- Buffalo! Those beautiful, magical windows at AM&A’s and Hengerers delighted our imaginations- we were the three luckiest sisters in the world to have a mom like that!

  3. Victoria

    I love every bit of your post, Vickie! I’m with you — shoes and purses can prompt powerful memories and despite my challenges with my mom, we could always talk about those two things without conflict – just joy! xo! 🥰

  4. randy

    My mom used to drag me to Jildours and shop for shoes. I didn’t buy that many fancy shoes but my mom loved the just like your mom. Now that she has arthritis in her feet the only shoes she wears are fit flops which I love too.


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