“Hello, My Name is Vickie and I Just Bought a Pulse-Ox Finger Thingy”


I used to be embarrassed about my purse buying.  Kind of like going to a support group and saying “Hi, my name is Vickie…and I just bought another designer purse.” Recently, my passion for shopping has taken a new direction.

My husband Mitch and I have been isolating in a rural county of New York State for two weeks.  Mitch’s daily  “need to know” and my source of increased anxiety is the constant playing of the news.

Our schedule is to wake up to Morning Cable News (I’m not getting political so will keep which program we watch in the vault!).  That should last about one hour but it tends to go longer and longer. At 11A.M  our Governor speaks and once again we are engaged in  the news.

We have several hours of free time to eat, snack, nap and walk before we listen to the daily press conference at 5 P.M. I typically insist on some evening movies, some trashy reality shows or the like so the late- night news shows are taped and replayed right before bed.

Another confession, I have anxiety ,maybe a bit more than the average bear, or so I’m told by almost “EVERONE!”. It’s hard for all of us to put this in context but when your baseline is overreaction, it’s really hard to put things in perspective. I’m not sure if anyone can put our country’s current situation in perspective, but Mitch and I spoke yesterday about the difference between his and my reactions to the daily influx of news.

He is concerned, not for himself but more for the first responders, doctors, nurses, assistants and other staff who are going to work every day to save lives. I am a retired manager of small department of Oishei Children’s Hospital of Buffalo,  Kaleida Health. I was not a medical professional, but I worked weekly with dedicated physicians and nurses and I fear for them and their global colleagues.

While Mitch is concerned, I feel panic  and a loss of control. Who doesn’t need control in their personal universe? We all do.  I know I like to control my life and don’t ask my kids if I try to control anybody else’s life too. But this current situation feels so out of control, not only for me, but for the entire planet.

So, I bought a Pulse-Ox ( Pulse Oximeter) finger thingy from Amazon. It’s supposed to measure the oxygen level in your blood.  Basically, answering the question, “are you getting enough oxygen for your body and brain?”

I know that if and when I get a symptom, any symptom,  I will immediately hyperventilate and not be able to breathe.  My first thought will be that I have Covid-19.  This is not good reaction.  Perhaps putting the Pulse-Ox on to test if I am actually breathing will help calm me or perhaps help me decide, “Holy Shit!” I better Get to the ER!

Have you bought anything to help you feel more in control? Maybe we can make our own support group.  I will start: “Hello, my name is Vickie  and I just bought a Pulse-Ox….,”

14 thoughts on ““Hello, My Name is Vickie and I Just Bought a Pulse-Ox Finger Thingy”

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  2. Karen Dearing

    Love your comments Vickie ! You are so good at putting your thoughts, feelings and reflections on paper . Keep at it as I am sure it helps the anxiety .

  3. Kathy

    Hi Vickie
    Love the suggestion to be prepared. Any way for us to control this situation instead of it controlling us is a plus. For WNY friends, our store, Buffalo Scrubs, has a supply of Pulse Oximeters. We keep ordering them as supply is limited. Call us at 716-886-5787 to purchase and pick up curbside. 😷

  4. Susan Perlow

    Hi Vicki,
    I just ordered a Pulse oximeter last night on Amazon. A good friend who is a nurse recommended that we buy one. It will take up to 2 weeks to get to us, but at least they are aren’t sold out yet! He recommended that we get a fingertip one as opposed to the watch, in answer to one of the other questions- brand wasn’t important. I generally do not have anxiety, but have felt it over this. Seeking out practical information helps me – like the doctor’s YouTube on how to disinfect groceries when I bring them home, tips like using a q-tip to touch a keypad at the store, opening packages outside so as not to bring the boxes in the house, etc. Taking Vitamin D and zinc. Saving articles on what to do if you get sick, to try to prevent it from moving into the lungs. Shopping during the Seniors hours. Keeping connected to family and friends. And focusing on gratitude. These have all helped me. Sunny days help, too! I am enjoying your blog.

    1. Deborah

      Hello Vickie and Mitch. Miss and love you guys. You know me, I’m not that anxious or nervous.. my fear is mostly for those who are in danger, Drs, nurses, etc. including grocery store ‘shoppers’. I pray for God to protect them. John and I are doing outside projects during the day and cooking lots. I have been reading many hours at night, 2-3 books a week, on Kindle. I would highly recommend these books, they are helping me keep things in perspective. Not necessarily relating to the current crisis, just about leading a peaceful life in general. ‘The Untethered Soul/ the journey beyond yourself’ by Michael A Singer. I have others too, if interested. And I would think that NOT watching so much news is a good idea for someone like yourself… like Ch 2 tells us … Facts not Fear. So keep busy and stay home. Turn off the news- read a book – cook new recipes for that handsome dude of yours. Much love🙏😻Debby and John

  5. monroe schlanger

    hello my name is Monroe
    I think what Vickie is doing is not rational she should be smarter than that,
    by the way how do you spell that device, I cant find it on Amazon!

  6. Lori

    Hi Vickie, I watched your Governor’s brother talk about blood oxygen sensor. I have been thinking about buying one. Where did you get yours and what brand did you get. It seemed like a good idea. Thanks, stay safe and healthy. Lori


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