My Positive Covid-19 Diagnosis

Well, it was bound to happen. When my husband Mitch received his positive Covid-19 result (detailed in last week’s blog), he moved into the basement. I did not know that an hour after that blog was released, I would find out that I have Covid-19.

Friday, a friend mentioned that I sounded like I had a cold. I brushed her off by saying that I sound like I have a cold every morning. But do I? Was I in denial? My mind raced that day with thoughts ranging from, “Am I clearing my throat too much?”  Am I losing a sense of taste, or is my meal tasteless from lack of spice or poor cooking skills?” “Uh oh, was that a cough?”

Went to Bed Friday Feeling Fine

I went to bed Friday night feeling fine, at least physically. At 3:00 AM, I awoke with slight chills. It terrified me because I suspected the source of my shivers. I did not immediately take my temperature because I was still pretending that perhaps my room was cold. It took an hour before I asked my thermometer about my fever. My thermometer did not reply with good news. My temperature fluctuated and eventually settled on 101. 

Next, I pulled out the pulse-ox, which read 98, OK, that was good. But my heart rate was 145! Fast pulse is what happens when a person who is anxious under normal circumstances realizes her fears have come to fruition. I was panicked, freaked and it was 4 AM, and there was nothing I could do. I started watching, Say Yes to the dress, hoping that Randy would calm me down with his persnickety brides and gowns. It helped, and I finally bored myself back to sleep.

At 9:00 AM, I went for a rapid test and received the positive results about 30 minutes later. Coincidently, I received a call from Erie County that afternoon with the results of a previous PCR test. They congratulated me that I was negative; I replied I am no longer negative.

Since we have “come out” with our revelation that we are positive, we have heard other stories of people who have recovered from Covid-19. Each story is different. There is no formula.

Mitch, who was quarantined in our basement, was finally released to the main living area. We both wear masks and still try to avoid each other. 

I always try to find a silver lining, and the outpour of love, generosity, care, and suggestions have been profound.


Our first unexpected surprise was a treat of bagel and lox sent by a kindhearted friend and neighbor. Another friend made us tuna/egg salad and brought bagels and frozen food to our home. Still, another person offered to walk our dogs, brought us food and shared their potato latkes on the first day of Hanukkah! A buddy went shopping and bought us sweets and supplies. We received care packages with homemade soups, baked goods, tissues, hand sanitizers and supplies. A welcomed delivery of ice-cream and toppings along with hopes that I would be able to taste the chocolate! I am learning so much about friendship from this experience.

When her husband was critically ill, my friend Ruth told me don’t ask her what she needs because she will say, “I’m fine” Instead she continued, “Call up and say I am going to the store; give me your list.” Or drop something at the house. I now know firsthand that she was correct. I will try to live up to the meaningful examples of kindness that have come our way and pay it forward when I am able.

(Note to friends and neighbors, this is not a veiled request for supplies – we have more food than we can eat!!!!)  I will be the first recorded case to gain weight during Covid!

Amazon must know I have Covid because yesterday, through medical friends’ recommendations, I ordered Turmeric pills, Mullein drops, Quercetin pills, 325 mg aspirin, and more Zinc. Is it too late? I hope not.

True to form, I have my Covid schedule, which includes a DIY COVID ADVENT calendar minus the treats.   A chart that lists all my vitals and is updated regularly (yes, probably too regularly). I complete breathing exercises twice a day, walk around the house and up and down the stairs, and write.  

Positive Covid-19 Diagnosis -My Covid-19 Calendar - Erie County says after ten days you are free to leave the house.
My Covid-19 Advent Calendar – Erie County says after ten days you are free to leave the house.

I feel like we are the first friends from our circle that contracted Covid. There are many incredulous reactions that we have the virus. 

It is Not About Us; it is About ALL OF US!

I also have had conversations with people suggesting it’s not a big deal. It is a big deal! Most people will be fine, but the small percentage that is not fine is overwhelming our hospitals and first responders. It is not about us; it is about ALL OF US! We need to wear masks and limit interactions with others so we do not spread to people like our daughter Jessica, who is vulnerable. So as not to transmit to the elderly and our friends with co-morbid conditions. These are the folks who will end up overwhelming the hospital and may or may not survive. Yes, 98 percent will be OK, but 2% is a large number. It is not just the flu; it’s different. We do not have hospitals overwhelmed by the flu.

Please wear a mask and social distance, if not for yourself, then for our community’s vulnerable people. We, as a community, should do whatever we can to protect others.

Mitch and I have different Covid-19 symptoms, but we are both doing OK as I write this post. He has a cough and fatigue but as of Thursday was feeling better. I have sinus congestion, mild cough and lost about 90% of taste. We do not have fever (I only had fever on day 1) and our vitals are stable, so far.

Quarantine visits with family- I have Covid-19
Feeling a bit like a zoo animal behind the glass in our Covid Habitat.

After 41 years of marriage, mitch and I now have another notch on our marriage belt—sharing Covid-19. I guess this is what we meant when we said to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health…

Stay safe, Wear a mask, Watch your distance, Wash your hands. And send a prayer….

Positive Covid-19 Diagnosis
Saturday is day seven of my ten day quarantine.

17 thoughts on “My Positive Covid-19 Diagnosis

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  2. Dana Mancini

    Your symptoms sound very similar to mine as does your situation. So many friends reached out offering to help and yes it’s about all of us. People think I can’t get it again and I don’t have to worry about wearing my mask but I do because it’s the right thing to do. Feel better. Take as much time as you need. I was still exhausted in weeks 4-5. And still now dealing with some things. Hopefully you are both well very soon.

    1. raisingjessstory Post author

      I wish Gus could narrate our recovery! I am going to PM you on FB about your lingering symptoms. Thank you for reading the blog and taking the time to write – I hope you and Dan continue to be safe and healthy – love Vickie

  3. Debby

    Hi guys. Sounds like you have lots of support, food, and symptoms are lessening. So happy about that. We are in Ellicottville and would be happy to go over to your Great Valley home and take care of anything needed. Also, we are coming to Dr appt in Williamsville on Monday and can drop off anything you might need from GV. Or anywhere else. We will be at Wegmans, the shoe repair shop, Spices of India, BMG, Premium Coffee Roasters, etc etc need anything?? Love and healing vibes being sent daily. Deb and John

    1. raisingjessstory Post author

      You and John are so kind. Mitch was freed from quarantine yesterday and went to GV to check on the house. If all goes as planned we will be there next Thursday. we appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness but doing well so far. Stay healthy and safe – love vickie and Mitch

  4. Shira Goldberg

    I don’t know if you’d be interested…I have a great jigsaw puzzle of donuts. I just finished it, but took it apart in chunks so it can easily be put back together or can be broken up and started from scratch. Would you like me to drop it off at your house? Just something to keep you
    and Mitch occupied..?
    Let me know!

    1. raisingjessstory Post author

      THANK you the offer!!! But that would take way more brain cells than I have right now!!!! I so appreciate you thinking of us. I am keeping busy with writing, crosswords on my phone – hallmark Christmas movies and Netflix – sending love and wishes of health and safety to you and your family xoxoxxo

  5. Nancy Berger

    Vickie – Perry and I wish you and Mitch fast recoveries and low/no symptom course of this scourge! With love – Nancy & Perry

  6. Tanice Pendergrass

    Hey Vic, I’m saddened to hear your home has been invaded by this horrible intruder. You always had a way of finding the positive in the midst. I wish you and Mitch a speedy recovery. Tanice

    1. raisingjessstory Post author

      Thank you Tanice, I appreciate your good wishes and that you read the blog! Your note was very kind! Sending wishes of safety and health to you and your beautiful family! xoxox

  7. michaelreif3712

    Ahh, it seems like it was inevitable for you to get Covid after Mitch tested positive. Sorry to hear that but so happy to hear you seem to be doing well and the systems seem to be relatively minor. Your words about “community” and “all of us” are in this resonate in so many ways. So glad you have such a great support network around you. Indeed it means so much. Get well soon. Keep up the great blog!


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