Why Mitch’s New Hearing Aids Cured My Mumbling!

I am not sure why Mitch resisted hearing aids.  Those closest to him have  encouraged Mitch to consider purchasing this much needed support.

A typical conversation between Mitch and me would go something like this:  “Mitch, did you hear what is going on in Erie County today?”  Followed by, “Mitch, did you hear me?”  Mitch’s frequent reply was  “You mumble.” This statement is  his go-to  excuse for, as my 4-year old grandson says, “not listening to my words!”

Our TV is blaring  yet it is still not loud enough, so we have sound bars to enhance the BOOMING SOUND.  When the TV sound enhancements do not work it has been the fault of the TV that even a sound bar couldn’t fix.

Mitch learned years ago that his hearing was lacking at a decibel which matched the pitch of my voice. This is not a joke; his hearing test revealed a high pitch hearing loss.  Problem solved, I just needed to change the tone of my voice  since Mitch thought he could hear everything else.

Clearly, I had to find a new tactic because nagging was failing. My new approach consisted of saying , “perhaps you need a hearing aid” every single time Mitch commented that he did not hear me. (Yes, I know this sounds like nagging!) Each time he couldn’t hear the TV or the beeping of the opened refrigerator door or other daily sounds I “gently” reminded him that it may be time for a hearing aid.

My relentless “encouragement” was not only for us but more important  for Mitch.  I remember when I received glasses for the first time and was able to see the world clearly.  I didn’t know what I was missing until I looked through the new glass lens.  One can get used  to gradual limitations of sight and hearing without realizing the loss.

So, one day while watching TV and simultaneously  scrolling through my phone, I came upon a hearing aid ad that promoted a virtual appointment. Mitch was intrigued! Hmmm, did we need a pandemic virtual appointment  to finally convince him? Perhaps…

Mitch called the company and spoke endlessly to the patient representative. It was a great conversation and when they got off Mitch agreed to consider the purchase. Several weeks passed and I lost hope until one day Mitch said, “I am doing it!”

It has been several weeks with the new hearing aids and Mitch said I no longer mumble.  The TV sound appears to be fixed; oh, and our baby granddaughter is suddenly crying really loud! There are noises everywhere!  Hallelujah! my mumbling problem is cured!

1982 Before I Mumbled
Mitch with Grandchildren

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  1. Hmmm I Too Mumble and Our TV and radio in the Car is Really Loud!!!! Care to share that Company with Me? Love This Blog Vickie!!! 💋 xo

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