My Love/Hate Bond with our RoboVac

I purchased a RoboVac in 2019. Our grandson, Griffin, was three years old and terrified of her. The dogs were dubious whenever the Vac was searching for dirt. I have a love/hate relationship with our RoboVac, and I am not afraid to admit it!

Our RoboVac and I met in August 2019, I was so thrilled that I wrote an online review:

Portions of Review:
I hesitated to purchase a RoboVac, but I saw the price, ratings, and awards and decided to take a leap of faith! I am on day 2 of OCD vacuuming and loving every minute. My 3-year old grandson named her “Cleany,” as was recommended by another customer to help alleviate toddler fear. My Hungarian Vizsla dog is still questioning Cleany’s existence and purpose in our home. My Italian Greyhound dog has less interest in Cleany but is a bit weary – Hey, if it wasn’t for their shedding, I may not have needed her! I am thoroughly satisfied with this product. Again, I am only on day 2!

Cleany is a She RoboVac

Google suggested that we name the unit to alleviate toddler fear. Griffin called her Cleany, and they quickly became friends. Surprisingly, all the adults and children in our home refer to her (yes, we also assigned a gender) as Cleany. 

But the time has come for therapeutic intervention. I am thinking of divorcing her and moving on to a more reliable relative. I have succumbed to online searching for a new RoboVac, yet still remain faithful to our inconsistent, annoying electronic family member. Perhaps I should look up Robo-Tinder?

When we met, she promised scheduled cleaning without me lifting a finger. She bragged about her innovative sensor capabilities and boasted about her systematic housekeeping strategy. I should have researched more about the details of HER plan. She kept some of those vows until she didn’t.

Lounging with My Phone Cord

Now, I find her lounging with my phone cord in a tight embrace. If she is not wasting time with my phone cord, she is busy massaging Mitch’s favorite lounge chair until I redirect her. She rests under our bed for no apparent reason. She has told me she is tired and out of battery when I know she is fully charged! We have lost her for days – I am embarrassed to admit we call her like a dog? What gives?

And yet, I remember the days when Griffin’s stuffed animal Pete the Cat took rides on Cleany’s back, and she didn’t fuss or stall. I remember her wooing both dogs so that they became her friend rather than a chew toy.

She is currently trying to win over my youngest granddaughter, Noa. We started again with stuffed animals getting free rides on Cleany’s back. How can I dismiss this sweet act of kindness?!

My husband, who is hard of hearing, can’t stand her background noise. How does he hear this and not my constant nagging? It’s a mystery!

Vacuum Intervention

But sometimes I wonder if I am the one who needs a vacuum intervention? Our current dog hair and dirt weaponry include a cordless stick vacuum and a traditional cannister vacuum. Before you jump to the conclusion that I must vacuum every day, STOP! Besides Cleany’s daily antics, the other cleaners barely get their aerobic exercise. They beckon me here and there but I defer to unreliable yet handsfree Cleany.


I get if you are reading this and thinking – Wow! with all the !@#$ going on in the world today, this is low on the list. And I agree with you! But sometimes we all need a break of thinking of viruses, vaccines, politics and the economy- sometimes, it’s relaxing to dwell on a vacuum cleaner, instead.

I would love to know if you have had success with your version of Cleany? If so, please share here or comment on Facebook/Instagram! Don’t tell our RoboVac, but I am still considering divorce.  

Would love to hear your comments