What I Discovered After 7-Months of Hypocritical Covid-19 Rules

I am humbled by my Hypocritical Covid-19 Rules. Seven months into this thing gives me time to reflect on the new normal.

I am trying to keep my 6-foot distance from our daughter Jessica who is vulnerable. But Last week, I arrived at her home prepared with my tools.

My bag included snipping scissors, comb, and music so that I could cut Jessica’s bangs. Jess is a moving target, I prefer our friend and stylist, Craig Connock, (the Hair Dude ) to cut her hair. Still, strange times call for unorthodox measures, and so now I am Vickie’s Styling Salon. I have one cheerful customer. When I showed Jessica’s sister, Carly, a photo of Jessica’s hair, she was underwhelmed. Her reply was that “The hair looks good, but her bangs are really bad.” I needed to confess that I only cut her bangs; no other hairs were harmed by my scissors.

Covid-19 rules include cutting bangs


I feel like a 1930’s Great Depression survivor when I go to a store. It is hard to pass by hand sanitizer, cleansing wipes, or ( on the rare to the non-existent occasion) Lysol sprays without purchasing several items. I’m scarred by March and April when I was unable to find any of these products. And now I need to overcompensate because I “remember when…”

How Depression Era Changed many behaviors, will Pandemic do the same?

I am aware that my guard is no longer on the highest alert. In May, when I first started food shopping in stores again, I avoided others as if playing a video game. Staring down a food aisle, I waited until it was completely empty of other humans before racing through to get my item. Now, I walk through the aisle without hesitation. I worry that the new norm is becoming familiar and comfortable, and my Covid Rules are fading.

I find that when outside with the intention of social distancing that after a short period, our minds play tricks on us and say, “These are our friends, they are OK.”  It is hard to look at beloved friends and family and say, “Step back!” It goes against our human nature of connecting with others. I always say, “Oh, I’m doing the 6-foot thing.” But sometimes I feel like I am on a 6-foot island where others think that it’s OK not to distance since they are friends.

Hypocritical Covid-19 Rules

AND I am a total hypocrite! My grandkids go to daycare, and I hold them, hug them, and kiss the top of their heads. I go to Wegmans many times a week rather than one big shopping. Amazon returns are at Kohls and I go to Target for supplies but will not step into a store to shop for clothing. I do not let friends in my home but will allow the Cleaning Person to touch all my surfaces and clean the house! I know it makes no sense!

Mitch thinks he’s “Commonsensical” (his word, not mine). His Rule: When indoors, wear a mask and outdoors, not so much. He finds me very annoying, and to be honest, so do I!

Mitch thinks his Covid-19 rules are "Commonsensical"

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