Attending Buffalo Bills Game During the Pandemic

It was 3:00 PM on January 16th, and all was a buzz in our house. Was it about the virus? No!  Politics? No! The weather? No! The Bills!!! YES! and not the kind you pay! The Beloved Buffalo Bills!

My husband Mitch, daughter Carly, son Alex, and brother-in-law Scott had the opportunity that few others experience; they were attending the Buffalo Bills game during the Pandemic!

12th Man Buffalo Bills Uniform

Mitch was preparing at 3:00 PM and trying on his clothing layers for the evening, outdoor event. He confided that he was so excited that he felt like a player getting dressed for the game. The 12th man on the team!

Attending Buffalo Bills Game During the Pandemic- Mitch in his 12th man  uniform!
Mitch getting ready for the game!

Meanwhile, our son, daughter and Scott were trying on their 12th man uniform! The attire also included Covid-19 protection. Two of the group of four recovered from the virus and had antibodies, and two were wary of catching the virus. All four tested negative on the required  Covid-19 swab.

Donning masks to prevent Covid-19, another face cover to prevent cold, plus a mask with the Buffalo Bills logo to complete the ensemble. I’m glad they didn’t bring a pulse-ox because I am not sure they were getting enough oxygen under all the cover.

The Buffalo Bills are the shining star of the Pandemic year. Even I am on board. The endless “Blursdays” of the interminable “Blurweeks” now had a day of exhilaration. Week after week, the Bills grabbed a community and beyond. Excitement amid grey days, enthusiasm, and fervor. It’s almost akin to a weekly religious experience!

The Buffalo Bills are now “a thing!” If you are local, you know about the Bill’s Mafia – but for those out of town or rooting for other teams – check this out here. The Buffalo Bills Mafia/Bills fans are not only a “herd” of devotees but also a heartwarming philanthropic group.

Recently, when Bills quarterback Josh Allen’s grandmother passed away, Bills Mafia raised one million dollars , in her memory, for Oishei Children’s Hospital. After Lamar Jackson, (QB for Ravens) was forced to leave the game due to concussion, the Bills Mafia raised over 400K for Jackson’s favorite charity, Blessings in a Backpack. How can you NOT love this!

OK, Back to the Buffalo Bills Game! 

My family made it on TV! Excuses about timeouts and texting family members about the game were noted as the photo captured fingers typing from half the group. They had excellent seats thanks to our cousins who live in Florida and California and were unable to attend the game. 

Attending Buffalo Bills Game During the Pandemic- photo of screen shot  it on tv!
Wish we Knew TV Camera was on Us!

Alex sent me the photo below showing how close they were. “Look at the second photo; you can see our legs while Josh Allen is jumping; we were almost famous!” Yes, I told him I would add the photo, but it’s a stretch.

Scott  summed up the experience in his post to Facebook – “As a lifelong Bills fan- no plague, no insurrection, no Great Lake wind, can stop childhood dreams!”

Mitch came home and didn’t go to bed until 3 AM. He read everything he could about the game he just witnessed. The group of four were pumped up and thrilled, knowing they saw this win. Reports that 6,700 fans sounded like 67,000 fans resounded the next day.  

We are a superstitious group. I wear the same unwashed shirt each week. Alexis from Schitt’s Creek would repeat her most quoted line, “EWWW!” Mitch wears his weekly, unwashed shirt. I keep reading about the superstitions of other fans, and again, it’s “a thing.”

I do not want to get ahead of myself. We are not done, not even close (Well, maybe a little close). There are more games, strong teams to overcome, and risks of injury and Covid to avoid. The game is not over.

But for our small family group, going to a Bills Playoff Game is a moment that will remain in their hearts forever. And Going to a Bills Game During the Pandemic will stay in their memories for evermore.

“One of the best nights any of us will have”

Alex sent this text to our extended family thread, “One of the best nights any of us will have!” Similar shouts from across the USA were heard for the Bills and their long-awaiting fans! Go Bills!

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