RV Arrogance

RV Arrogance

I’m not sure if this is an actual term, but there is a definite level of RV Arrogance in our KanVan RV.  It appears that Mitch is the Captain, and I am the ..Er….Hmmm… passenger of the Captain.

As I am writing this, we have traveled from Buffalo to Asheville, Alpharetta, and Alabama to Mississippi to Louisiana to Texas, and I think I have clocked 4-5 hours behind the wheel. Not even enough to get a KanVan license if there were one to achieve.

RV Arrogance


The Captain-husband oversees OUTSIDE and some of that stuff I don’t want to do anyway. I am in charge of laundry, cooking, cleaning, obsessing about the new dirt on the floors, yelling, “take off your shoes, this is our house!”, walking and feeding Daniel.

He oversees navigation, and I question, “How much longer?”

I am non-negotiable on restaurants that I won’t step foot in, and he is in charge of noting that I am a pain in the ass when it comes to food.

Mitch thinks he is in command when we leave in the morning, but I am passive-aggressively in charge of that.


The TV is all his, and all he really wants is to watch the Bills game while traveling; I am content with my Ipad and Netflix, etc.

It has been noted that I pack too many clothes, but in my never humble opinion, he packed too little.

Every time I see a laundromat I want to do the wash, and he tells me that he has nothing dirty! Really?

I wash, vacuum, and clean the floors, and as I said he “forgets” to remove his shoes. Maybe that is his passive-aggressive reply to my morning routine? Hmmm?

Thank you TipJunkie.com

You see, we are in some ways the perfect combination, but getting to the finish line is tricky.

Mitch is neat and organized, and I am not!  I sanitize everything (and this was before Covid!), and well, let’s just say he doesn’t!  So, the finished product is clean, organized RV, but the journey is often filled with: “Hang up your coat!” (him to me) and “Did you wash your hands, floor, shoes, clean the shower after use ??” (me to him)

And yet, we are having a great time. Meeting new people, visiting the country.
We cook dinners at RV-Home more than going out, and we both agree this is good. We facetime with Jessica, Alex, Carly, and our grandchildren, and both feel blessed for this technology.


Mitch talks with everyone, and I am usually waiting for the long conversations to end so we can move on. (He is way more social than me in these settings)


After reading my blogs, you may understand that I have a “let’s say” fear of toxins. Imagine this, Mitch and I are driving along a deserted road – minding our own business in the middle of who knows where! (well, mitch always knows where) and who comes up to our side?

A Plane who “MAY” have crop dusted right next to us! And please don’t tell me that I breathed in crop dust! I am trying to ignore that.    Yes, I tried to hold my breath but then just said, “screw it!” while I videoed the magical display – How many times do you get to drive parallel to a plane?


He enjoys sitting in the lawn chair and looking at the view while I do YOGA poses so I can maintain what little workout opportunity I have.  He tells me to sit and ponder, and I, like a toddler, can’t sit still. As my friends often refer to me, Busy Busy Busy.  


Our first Harvest Host visit on this trip was a Sheep Farm.  My choice! We were the only visitors at HD Farm in Eastaboga (yes, a real town) Alabama …  The owners, Henry and Paula were terrific! The sheep are not the “ba ba black sheep have you any wool?”– No, these sheep have no wool but a lot of BAAA’s – these are the sheep you eat! Well, not me – I don’t eat meat but Mitch does!  And he bought a lot of chops and devoured them!
The sheep Baa’d to us, and Daniel and I reassured them that I am vegetarian- No Worries, dear sheep! They still Baa’d.


The first two weeks of our trip were great, but then the unexpected happened. Next week I will give “the rest of the story.” 

Man (Woman) makes plans

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9 thoughts on “RV Arrogance

  1. I love your blogs! You two are so full of life & I’m thrilled you came to visit us in Asheville! Can’t wait for next time – even more fun. Enjoy yourselves, wherever you go! ❤️

  2. Thank you for BAAA Sharing. You guys take care of each other and that sweet Dog. Looking forward to hearing more from you guys. If you pass through Central Florida Let us know we are wannabes, although still on the fence.

  3. That crop duster reminded me of Hithcock’s North By Nothwest! Great videos. Good luck with balancing control issues….

  4. Vickie, the two of you look like you are having such a blast on an amazing adventure. And your RV looks so awesome.

    I hear you on the domineering husband who doesn’t want to share the new toy but sounds like you get your say in many other ways too! 🙂

    I love that your dog gets to tag along and soak in the adventure with you too. He must’ve loved the sheeps!

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