From Autism to Rare Disease: One Family’s Journey to an Unexpected Diagnosis

He had just turned two when he was diagnosed with autism. But then the unexpected discovery led to the full story.

RV Arrogance-Part 2- (Wo)Man Makes Travel Plans…

When Mitch and I met, we talked about traveling across the country. This trip was conceived over 42 years ago. (Wo)man Makes Plans…

Meet KanVan -Rolling with the Rubin’s

The day we received our truck camper, I wrote a blog called Camper Envy and Size Matters.  We were owners for less than one day, and already I was lusting for the RV -TV, bathroom, and shower. The truck camper introduced us to this way of life for less than one year, four exciting trips. We (moreContinue reading “Meet KanVan -Rolling with the Rubin’s”

Our  Most Bizarre Car Story

It’s coming up on our 42nd anniversary!  We have gone through many cars, but one car stands out as our Most Bizarre Car Story. #RaisingJess

Can I Interest You in Some WATER?

Drinking WATER is a full-time job. It’s hard to keep up with the recommended daily intake! But, water, you had me at improved brain function!

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