Can I Interest You in Some WATER?

Drinking enough WATER has become a full-time job. Who knew how hard it would be to keep up with the recommended daily intake?

As per Mayo Clinic and other sources, the recommended amounts are:

· About 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men

· About 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women

When I read the statistics above, I decided to buy a giant jug on amazon – little did I know, it was a men’s jug – not that they advertised it as such, but the container was 128 oz. 

I filled it the first day and remarked that I was an overachiever, able to pee every thirty minutes regardless of location! The jug offers words of encouragement from Ready? (7 AM) Don’t Give Up (3 PM) to You Did It! (7 PM)

Only 128 more ounces to go!


Frontloading the daily water intake is a wise decision because the later you try to get those ounces in, the more likely you will be up all night to get those ounces out. So, at 6 AM, I was eagerly drinking my first 8 ounces. By 10 AM, I was bored with the whole water thing but kept chugging along.

I carried the ridiculous jug around for a couple of days. My DIL’s Mom asked if I was using it to lift weights. My daughter bought one too, but she confided that it is probably for somebody working at a desk all day, not the never-stop-nana types.

This JUG Weighs More Than Me!


Water, you had me at improved brain function- no fair – once I heard that, I was all in – add better skin, increased physical performance, weight loss – it’s a fricken miracle drug.

ORIGINS of My Water Obsession- My Jessica

In 1982, clean water became a touchy topic for me. The trigger for the H2O anxiety started when our daughter Jessica was born. We were never sure why she was born with multiple disabilities, and I sometimes attributed it to the local water. Why not? THIS IS NOT A FACT; it’s a thought. I did not have science backing me; maybe I needed to blame something, sorry water supply.

Anyway, let it be noted that we were the first residential client for the Mountain Valley water cooler company back in 1982. In the old days, when people met at the water cooler in the office – nobody had these machines at home! Well, nobody but us, apparently.

Water is a frequent conversation topic, even as a kid. When I was in 5th grade, my teacher gave us a poem and said that we would impress everyone at future cocktail parties if we could say this poem, “water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink?” 

Are you impressed? Don’t be because that is the only line I remember. 

If you are from Salisbury Elementary School in the late 1960s and are reading this, let me know if you remember this poem!  

5th Grade Teacher Mr. T.
6th Grade Class – Couldn’t Find My 5th Grade Class Photo- CAN YOU FIND ME?

This poem became my reality, as we had faucets and glasses, yet I wouldn’t drink that water!

My Dad informed me of another water factoid, “as we get older, we are not as thirsty.” I assume he meant for water, not wine! I looked this up, and it was indeed true – Forgive me, Dad; I didn’t need to look it up because you are the resource for all that type of knowledge!   

Quality VS Quantity

But now it’s not only quality, but it’s also the quantity that nags me all day. And it is work! One doctor many years ago told me that if I drank coffee or alcohol, that I should deduct those ounces from my daily water intake as they were diuretics. 


Maybe that’s where the improved brain function comes in; I am adding and subtracting ounces all day long!

PS- Water and Tashlich

For readers who celebrate the upcoming holiday Rosh Hashana – there is a ritual where we toss bread into WATER, to symbolize casting off our sins from the previous year. The ceremony is called Tashlich – here is a funny take on the types of bread that match the types of sins.

Shana Tovah- wishing a sweet year to everyone!


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  1. Ab

    I had quite the chuckle at your very impressive water jug and the comment about over achieving washroom visits every 30 minutes! 😊 But yes, water is something so essential and often taken for granted. A good daily regime to have.

    And wishing you and your family a wonderful Rosh Hashana next week!


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