Raising Jess: A Story of Hope

Raising Jess A Story of Hope

Four years in the making, my Memoir Raising Jess a Story of Hope is finally available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble . Thank you to everyone for all the love, hope, support, and encouragement. Especially my (late) mother, who told/nagged/motivated me to write a book for 20 years.


Currently, the book is available in paperback ($16.95) and hardcover ($31.95) on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I will resend links when the E-Book is ready on Amazon, Barnes, Google play, and Itunes.

A Few Comments From Readers

  • From MS – Couldn’t Put it Down! Raising Jess is an amazing book! I started it at 9 pm and stayed up all night to finish it in one sitting. Vickie Rubin’s writing is masterful! Highly recommend!

  • From JG-“Liked isn’t the word for it. I LOVED IT! Beautifully written and a must-read for anyone that knows someone with disabilities or wants to know a family’s perspective.”
Jessica and Grandpa Monroe – Celebrating Grandpa’s 90.5 Birthday!
  • From RL.: “Wow! I am blown away by your book. You did it! You brought me to every emotion possible. I felt heartwarming joy reading the sibling stories. The photos following every chapter verified the love the Rubin family shares with their “village.”
  • From KS: ” I got home from work last night around 10:30 after being there for over 12 hours. I saw that your book arrived! Don’t know what time I actually started it, but I sat at the kitchen island with my food, a beer & your book. I read it straight through! People love Jessica and not because she is family, but because she is just herself. “

I Could Not Put the Book Down

  • From RZ: “So we got your wonderful book yesterday. First off, I am NOT a book reader. I’ll read the daily paper from ear to ear (or at least look at the News headlines while reading sports ear to ear), but I started to read your book last night. I didn’t want to put it down but I had to go to sleep to get up for work today. I can’t wait to read the rest.
Raising Jess Memoir Book
Front and Back Cover

This Memoir is a Celebration of Life

  • From BM: “This book is a celebration of life. Mrs. Rubin has used her adult life’s experiences to help her readers better understand the complicated journey of parenting a child and adult with disabilities. Mrs. Rubin leads her readers through pathways showing how love and respect have united her family, friends, and community in embracing her daughter’s challenges while also seeing Jess as a total person who is so loving, joyful, and musical.”

  • From CB: “Reading “Raising Jess” gave me a clear inside look at what it is like to raise a special needs person from birth to adulthood. Vickie shares her personal feelings, anxious times, and frustrating ones, but mostly the strong love she has for Jess.  .
Raising Jess A Memoir
Receiving My First Books!

Always Choose Hope

If you purchase the book and feel so inclined, please consider writing a review on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And please share the title and links with friends and family. Thank you for reading my blogs and all your support – With Gratitude, Vickie (The New Author!) #RaisingJess



  Raising Jess: A Story of Hope is the feel-good story of family and survival when faced with adversity. This powerful memoir, written with compassion and humor, is the moving narrative of a family changed forever and the celebration of optimism, transformation, and hope. Vickie writes straight from the heart to tell the personal history of one family’s decision to choose hope. 

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