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Funny Replies – what YOU forgot!

I am thrilled to report that Mitch and I are not the only forgetful people in the universe! In my last blog, You Forgot What?” I told of an embarrassing story about forgetting our Hungarian Vizsla, and little did I know that many of my readers have similar stories. How comforting to know that we are either not losing our minds or, at a minimum, EVERYBODY is losing their minds simultaneously. What YOU forgot – Part 2


  1. Long story, but I left my 16-year-old, son at a rest stop in North Carolina on our way back to New York! We laugh about it all the time (he is 22 now). Gotta role with what punches you get!
  2. When D. was little, we packed his suitcase for a vacation and noticed when we arrived, we never took his bag… At least we Did remember to take D!!! Hehe


  1. T writes: the worst I did was when we flew to Florida and forgot the condo keys. We had to get a hotel room across the street from the condo and get a key from the office the next day. I remembered as we were driving our rental and almost there. Now, I have a checklist of EVERYTHING we need and must do before we winter in Fl.
  1. My husband and I just did something similar. We go to Mexico every winter. 30+ years. we got everything set up, nephew moved in our home to care for our pups, etc. (We do this every year just to reiterate) As the transport van is rounding the corner to United Airlines. Husband says, “Do you have the passports or do I?” You can figure out the ending. Neither of us did. You can forget many things when going to Mexico, but you can’t forget the passports. The point is, it happens!!!

Vizsla DOGS

  1. I picked up my Vizsla and German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) from doggie daycare only to realize halfway home that it was not my Vizsla. I was in a hurry and grabbed both dogs without looking closely. They jumped in the car together like they always do with the Vizsla jumping into the front seat. When I was driving home, I looked the dog in the face and realized it was not my girl. My GSP didn’t seem to care who came home with us!
  2. I was taking our Vizsla girl to the vet, and my husband was going to put her in the car. I was on a conference call in the car, late for the vet appointment, and took off. My husband kept calling me, and I kept ignoring the call since I was already in a call, of course complaining to the people on the call about my husband knowing I was in a call and him continuing to call me. At a light, I looked at one of the texts he sent me and checked the crate in the backseat; of course, no dog. Everyone on the conference call got a good laugh about who in the world would forget the dog when going to the vet.
  3. I don’t remember who it was, but I heard of a handler showing up at a dog show with the wrong Vizsla. They couldn’t fake it because they had the wrong personal equipment for entry. There are also stories about handlers having a car full of dogs and still missing one of the entered dogs. So do NOT feel bad because you probably have a LOT of company
  4. Similar story here. I had two Vizslas (littermates). One had to go to the vet for a post-op checkup, and my mum loaded up the wrong dog (fortunately, I noticed before we set off). It would have been interesting to explain why the dog who had four teeth removed spontaneously had a complete set again!

If you have any fun forgetting stories, please add them to the comments!


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  1. Ab

    What hilarious stories, Vickie! 🙂 My favourite one is when we all went to my Uncle and Aunt’s Christmas Eve dinner and when we got there, a 30-minute drive from home, we realized we left my elderly dad at home. 😂


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