A Year Later- Covid, Covid Everywhere- A POSITIVE Story

It’s A Year Later, and Covid is still rampant in our family. And I feel like a Covid-Magnet. This is the fourth time I have had direct exposure in 6 weeks. Is it me? Covid, Covid Everywhere, A Positive Story!

Two family members were infected for the second time. The younger one recovered from a mild case about 3-months ago, and his current Covid infection is different and more challenging.

The irony is on a lot of our friend’s lips. The family who supposedly did everything to stay safe is now working on the second round of Covid cases.

Having Covid Only Once is for Amateurs!

One friend suggested that our family has a weak gene for Covid. Ok, that sounds cute, but our family includes non-blood-related relatives who contracted Covid-19, and I happily dismissed that theory.

Another friend, or maybe the same friend, said you are constantly being exposed because you are not as careful as you think. That gave me a pause, and yes, we somewhat let our guard down. 

Vaccines and boosters create a false sense of superpowers. However, we are careful, and we are masked and, our hands are washed. We are trying to avoid large crowds. We even had everyone take a covid test the morning of thanksgiving, before the dinner.

And Yet… 

Every time I visit our daughter Jess who is compromised, I am worried about the call I will get the next day declaring that so and so has Covid.

Maybe we are just in the wrong places….

My notes of the last two months: (Check out the note sent on 12/27, at the end of this blog)

11/11 – Dear My Doctor - I went to lunch with a friend who rarely leaves the house. She is boosted. She had a covid test before a colonoscopy and was positive the following day! How does that happen? She rarely goes out of the house. I need a script for the PCR test
11/18 -  Dear My Doctor -  Thank you for sending the script for a COVID Test last week. Unbelievably, we had a completely vaccinated person at our house for dinner on Nov 17. He told us on Friday that he was positive for Covid. He was at our home for three hours. Need another PCR test. Please let me know if you can mail me another script. 
12/12 Dear Jessica’s House ManagerFamily Member (FM) took a rapid test on Friday and was negative. He also came to my book signing on Thursday night wearing a mask, and we hugged. As you know, I visited Jessica on Friday with my mask. FM called this morning to say he has a fever and took a do-it-yourself Covid test, and now, he is positive. This is his second time with Covid! 
12/25 Dear Jessica’s House Manager-Good morning and merry Christmas The good news is I didn’t visit Jessica; the bad news is I was with my grandchild. Last night grandchild was terrific, but today has Covid for the second time. Obviously, there are no Jessica visits this week again. Praying and wishing your Christmas is better.

Covid, Covid Everywhere and Not a Test to See

Mitch bought tests two weeks ago in anticipation of a birthday dinner; we wanted everyone tested before they arrived. Well, now it seems like that was a genius purchase because currently, there are no do-it-yourself tests available in our area.

Our world still needs to figure out this Covid thing: Vaccinated, Un-vaccinated, boostered, refuse to booster, kids over 5, kids under 5, masks on, masks off, masks under the nose, two masks on? cloth, surgical K95? 5 days of isolation? Ten days of isolation? We are in a state of flux, and I am trying to remain calm.


12/27 Dear Friends and Family - I am glad Mitch bought those tests because I had symptoms and took a swab Monday night. Within 15 minutes, I confirmed (I already suspected) that I could join the group of Covid times 2. I was positive for Covid, again.
Positive? It Feels Pretty Negative to Me…

So do I need to isolate for 10 days? 5 days? And I determine if my symptoms are decreasing – Really? CDC is leaving this up to me?

A Sweet-Positive Story

I was feeling OK this time around. Mitch and I have a place near ski country and I suggested he take our dog Gus and go there while I isolate in the burbs. (He is having Cataract surgery soon and needs to remain Covid-free). After much convincing, he drove the 65 miles to ski-land. Once Mitch got to our road he parked the car but didn’t get out. He thought to himself, I can’t stay here while Vickie is at home with Covid. So, unbeknownst to me, he drove straight back home.

Meanwhile, I am at home watching yet another Hallmark Christmas movie when my Vizsla Gus jumps full stream on the bed! It was quite the jolt. Mitch said he didn’t want to leave me alone and that we would isolate~ together (oxymoron). After 42 years of marriage, that was a very sweet act of love. Thank you, Mitch.

So, I guess this is a positive story if we are talking Covid – Stay safe out there – even if you are vaccinated, boostered, careful, not careful, rattled, non-rattled, or just plain done with it all!

Back to Facetime – Had to Remove Me From Photo – Covid is not a Great Time for Photographs!

My nephew, who currently has Covid for the second time plus 2 vaccines, told his Mom he was feeling better. He said, “I’ll be back to licking handrails in no time!”


Happy New Year: May 2022 bring you health, happiness, joy, and plenty of laughter!

18 thoughts on “A Year Later- Covid, Covid Everywhere- A POSITIVE Story

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  2. Karen Dearing

    Oh wow Vickie ! You are so blessed to have the gift of writing to get yourself through these trying times . God bless and hope the new year ahead is good to you and your dear family .

    1. raisingjessstory Post author

      Karen , thank you so very much for your beautiful comment. Even when I think I’m going take a break from writing, I still do it. It’s therapeutic! G-d bless you and your family. Thank you for reading ❤️

  3. Janet Burch Gajewski

    So sorry to hear of all the issues with you and your family.
    Glad there was lovely romantic ending. I hope love prevails and keeps you and your family safe!

  4. Ab

    Oh no! I am so sorry about these second round of cases, Vickie. I hope you are doing well and that your symptoms are mild. And ditto the younger relative who is having a harder go at it. It seems like the new variant is highly contagious and more people are getting, albeit with mostly milder symptoms. I hope the same for you. Get well!


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