Covid Math Plus a Wedding

Covid Math Plus a Wedding

The wedding at our home is in 2 weeks. The family is coming into town. But who should arrive first? COVID! AGAIN! After numerous exposures, I was avoided like the Positive family members, think Pariah. Math played an important role in the days post-exposure to Covid. Inquiring minds want to know about Covid Math plus a Wedding.

Covid Math

Covid math. Let’s see, on August 9th, I was exposed, so this is day one of a five-day period where I could become Covid positive. Start the clock! On August 11th, I spent the day with family only to find an unnamed husband-person was positive. Exposure number two, and now my five days start again. On August 12th, I picked up my grandson from camp and played outdoor football. The next day he is positive, and my Covid Math starts again. 

But wait, there is more – On August 13th, I drive my in-laws to the airport after spending the previous day and evening with them at my home, only to find out that one of them is positive. Is this really happening? Do I need to redo the Math again? What day is this? Where is my calculator?

It’s Like Centuries

Covid Math – it’s like centuries – day one is day zero – like we are currently in the 21st century – even though it’s 2022.

OK, class – Let’s review: August 13th was my last exposure, seven days before the wedding we are co-hosting. 

I had face-to-face contact with each person collectively and individually – so I am waiting for my test to turn positive, and if it doesn’t happen soon, I will miss the wedding…

What did Gilda say?” it’s always something…”

It’s summer, and everyone is outdoors; why is this still happening? A friend said it’s in my DNA, but how can exposure be in DNA?

Pariah Phenomenon without Covid

Meanwhile, I am alone because who would want to play with me? This is called the Pariah Phenomenon. Once you are exposed, it becomes- “Tag you’re IT!” Even though you do not have Covid.

Sometimes I think, “Watch what you wish for.” For example, I have been known to utter, “If only I had uninterrupted time to write.” – Voila – here is the time. BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT! I have also been heard muttering, “I am too busy and need to get a grip.” Here is the downtime – BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT!

See, what I mean? 

Watch what you utter or mutter – it may come true in ways you don’t foresee.


The next lesson is Exposure Math. Mitch thinks day five is the day you get your get-out-of-jail card. I put this in baseball terms. If you play five days of baseball starting on Saturday, are you still playing on Tuesday? The answer is yes; well, it is the same for Covid. You are still in quarantine on that fifth day; it’s day six when you get your get-out-of-jail-free card. I sent Mitch the baseball analogy via text since we are separated from each other and, unsurprisingly, didn’t get a reply. But I thought it was a good clarification …

A Wedding

Epilogue…EpiBlog- The Ending or The Beginning

Love Conquers ALL

It’s day seven post-wedding, and I am writing to tell you that all went off without a hitch.  Except for the bride and groom, they got hitched. Mostly everyone tested negative before the wedding. Sadly, my in-laws, Marty and Norma, could not attend; they both got Covid – as of today, they are both doing well! And we missed them as much as they missed not being there.

The wedding was magical. The bride and groom shared their creativity, love, and fun with all attendees. It was an enchanting weekend! Congratulations to Risa and Ian; we love you! Congratulations to all the parents and siblings! We DID it!

So far, we have not received the dreaded call that somebody has Covid, and I have put my Covid Calculator away for now.

Class adjourned!


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  1. Ab

    I’m glad it all worked out Vickie but it certainly must’ve been so unnerving. I hope it continues to elude you cuz you don’t need to go through that again. The wedding looked wonderful. Congrats to the married couple!


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