We Did It MY WAY

MY Way

We Did it MY Way

It’s not that my husband Mitch will ever say,

This is how it is because I did it My Way,

But the implication is always there,

He marches to his own drum without a care.

On the flip side is me, saying, "Ahem or Hey!

"That’s not right because it’s not My Way!"

Going head-to-head is really unwise,

The secret to our union is compromise.

That all sounds good in this little poem,

But not so easy in our home.

So I sit in his boat, counting the hours till we dock,

He agrees to go out to dinner, although he'd rather not.

He tells me to pack my gear for our upcoming trip to the keys,

My gear is just sneakers, as he packs rods, reels, and all equipment he can squeeze.

I pack 10 pairs of shoes; he needs boat shoes and one other pair,

We are very different, and both of us are aware,

That Respect, Love, and Friendship will make it work out,

There will be struggles, without a doubt,

The best scenario is when you both can say

Well, this worked out, We Did It My Way!
MY Way

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6 thoughts on “We Did It MY WAY

  1. A lovely poem, and photos, and it speaks so truthfully about what makes a relationship work. Glad you both found the trick!

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