Raising Jess A Story of Hope


The recent release “Raising Jess: A Story of Hope”  is the powerful story of one family’s survival when faced with adversity. Written with compassion, honesty, and humor, it tells of a family changed forever by the birth of a child with special needs, and their courageous decision to choose hope.

Raising Jess: A Story of Hope “This is an unflinching look at motherhood and marriage.

A powerful Must-Read memoir about a mother’s challenges caring for her daughter with a rare chromosome deletion, marriage struggles, and the question of having more children.   This triumphant story, written with compassion and humor, is a moving narrative and celebration of motherhood, family, transformation, and optimism.


Vickie writes straight from the heart to tell the personal history of her family’s decision to choose hope. 


Once you start reading Raising Jess, you won’t be able to stop. So, grab a comfy spot before you dig into this unforgettable

A frank, perceptive, and insightful remembrance. Rubin is a forthright author who addresses topics that other parents of children with multiple disabilities will find stimulating, as when she explores the significance of getting Jess’ diagnosis. The author’s approach is also courageously exploratory, as when she investigates how Jess’ siblings were shaped by growing up with Jessica. Rubin writes with clarity and thoughtful introspection, making for a truly enlightening read.” KIRKUS REVIEW


4 reviews for Raising Jess A Story of Hope

  1. Amazon Customer

    Thank You!- Amazon Customer
    “I just finished this book. It was so inspiring to hear about the hope and the love shared by your family and friends made family. I think that’s the biggest takeaway for me- that the people we build our lives with and the journey we take each other on is what it’s all about. Thanks for sharing and what an incredible reminder of how important it is to show up for the ones we love.”

  2. Lori N.

    A Heartfelt Book of Pure Love ❤️- Lori N.
    “Vickie Rubin is an Author who Has a very Personal way of putting her thoughts into the written word. I felt as if Vickie was talking right to me on my deck as I read, Raising Jess.
    With so much Warmth and Truth, She reveals her Soul to the reader. A Must-Read for All ❤️”

  3. Velma Z.

    Amazing Writer and Mother- Velma Z.
    “Vickie Rubin is a skilled writer. This book makes you laugh and at times makes you cry. It tells of a mother and her entire family who wanted only the best life for Jess. Their love and dedication show on the ever-smiling face of Jessica.”

  4. Ashley Adams

    Shaken and Stirred
    “This is an inspiring story of tragedy and triumph, brilliantly and powerfully told. Vickie Rubin writes an extremely accessible account of her personal experience of raising a disabled daughter. It is moving, extremely well told, and compelling. It is also useful as a manual for active and compassionate parenting. I highly recommend it. In fact, so taken was I by this incredible book that I have ordered extra copies as gifts to people I love.” Ashley Adams, Author

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