Finding my Niche – Who Am I?

Why am I even thinking Niche? Because the blogging internet says- I need one. Who am I? Gee, I hope my Niche is not “complaining!  Please read the blog for a smile and new details about my upcoming book: Raising Jess- A Story of Hope

Three Generational Views of the New Normal

“Who are You?” This question comes from people I have known for thirty years!  Read on for 3 Views of the New Normal from 3 Generations.

Why Did We say “Goodbye Truck Camper” and What’s Next?

Please do not take this personally, Truck Camper; It is not you; it’s me.  Read on to find out why we are saying Goodbye and what’s next.

How Buffalo Vickie turned into Florida Vickie after Getting Vaccinated

I am ready to publicly reveal the changes when Buffalo Vickie turned into Florida Vickie after getting vaccinated. Read and share

Counting the Days of Covid Captivity

Thank you Buffalo News for publishing my newest article 🙂 Counting the Days of Covid Captivity- Grab a Cuppa Coffee and you know the rest…

My Grandma Was an Air-Raid Warden!

Grandma was an Air-Raid Warden sounds like a great country song or perhaps a song from the ’70s. In fact, this is the story of our Grandma Sayde, my dad’s mother. My tale is not a story of war; I will leave that to historical blog writers. Instead, read on for two cute anecdotes from theContinue reading “My Grandma Was an Air-Raid Warden!”

Attending Buffalo Bills Game During the Pandemic

Attending Buffalo Bills Game During the Pandemic-As a lifelong Bills fan- no plague, no Great Lake wind, can stop childhood dreams! Read on:

11 Things I Learned from Our Experience with Covid-19

Our experience with Covid-19 was unique. It seems like nobody has had the same experience with Covid-19. Read more for 11 insights on Covid

3 Inspirational Messages from Above: Thanks, Ben!

3 Inspirational Messages is a Powerful Story of being open to messages and signs from above. As told by my friend Chris.

My Positive Covid-19 Diagnosis

Well, it was bound to happen. Last week I wrote about Mitch’s diagnosis. Four days later I would receive my positive Covid-19 Diagnosis.

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